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6th October 2017

  • Year 6 Weekly Roundup

This week, children have continued to develop their skills in persuasive language by planning and writing their own persuasive speech. They worked in Cooperative Learning groups to use features of persuasion to improve a Dragons’ Den pitch by Steve Jobs to gain investment for his invention – the iPad. They then used these skills to plan and write their own pitches to gain investment for a variety of inventions.


This week in Maths, the children were using factors to simplify fractions to their lowest form. Then, looking at the denominators in pairs of fractions, they had to find a common multiple so they could express the fractions in the same denomination. They then applied this knowledge to ordering a set of fractions. 

Project Work

This week in Project Work, children have been putting the finishing touches onto their products. They have also used and applied their knowledge of persuasive features to help market their invention. This involved creating billboard posters, flyers, business cards and radio adverts. They thoroughly enjoyed pitching their inventions to potential investors and we hope you enjoyed seeing their hard work during our Exit Point.


This week, we moved on to the topic of Fruits. Vocabularies about the fruits were introduced and consolidated in the lesson as well as the pronunciations and characters recognition. The descriptive sentence patterns were introduced and practised referring to this topic.

The quizlet link  : https://quizlet.com/222566230/year-6-fruit-flash-cards/


This week pupils continued being creative, communicating and collaborative in a Minecraft Education Edition map.  Minecraft is about problem-solving and the game inspires students’ higher-level and critical thinking skills.  It is also a very social game, where students can rely on other players for help in the sometimes-unforgiving Minecraft world.

Physical Education

During our PE lesson this week we have concluded our cross-country by looking at fun running competitions to show off our skills. We have undertaken a running “rock-paper-scissors” competition as well as playing capture the flag.


In Stravinsky’s 'Ritual of the Two Rival Tribes,' instruments and sections of the orchestra pass melodies back and forth to create a sense of lively interaction. This week Year 6 students learned to play one of Stravinsky’s melodies and make compositional and performative choices to create the effect of battling instruments.


English: Complete a UN Day fact file on your class’s chosen country.

Maths: My iMaths has been set.

IPC: All three Tic, Tac, Toe tasks have been completed.

Spelling: Spellings have been recorded in the student’s spelling journals. The words are a combination of the spelling rule that they are learning in class as well as statutory key words for the year group they are working at.