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Happy Chinese Spring Festival

10 二月 2018

Students, parents and the rest of the LIS community celebrated Chinese Spring Festival together. We enjoyed students’ performances such as singing and dancing, Chinese Kungfu and dragon dancing. Students also experienced Chinese culture by participating in paper cutting and paper umbrella painting. 

We wish everyone a happy Chinese spring festival!




The Performances 精彩节目
  • Fish making 纸盘鱼挂饰

PK students are making fish with paper plates.Fish are a fortunate sign during Chinese new year.

2018 CNY 1

2018 CNY 2

  • Paper Dargon making 制作纸盘龙

PK/JK students are making a Chinese dragon by themselves!

2018 CNY 3

  • Chinese Knot handcraft 做春节挂饰

SK students are making their own CNY decorations.

2018 CNY 4

2018 CNY 5

  • Paper cutting  剪纸

G1 students are doing their own paper cutting.

2018 CNY 6

2018 CNY 7

  • Chinese Mask-painting 京剧脸谱制作

G2/3 Students painted Chinese masks!

2018 CNY 8

2018 CNY 9

  • Umbrella Painting 画纸伞

How beautiful our umbrellers are!

2018 CNY 10

  • Chinese Kungfu 学习中国功夫

G6/7/8 students are practicing Kungfu with a Kungfu Master.

2018 CNY 11

  • Dragon Dance 学习舞龙

G9/10 students are practicing Dragon Dancing.

2018 CNY 12

  • Kungfu Performance 功夫表演

Cool Kungfu performance by G6/7/8 students.

2018 CNY 13

  • Kungfu Show 功夫表演

Professional Kungfu show by the Kungfu masters we invited.

2018 CNY 14

  • Fengyang Flower-Drum 歌曲-凤阳花鼓

Traditional drum dance by PK students.

2018 CNY 15

  • Counting stars 歌曲-数星星

JK students are “Counting Stars”.

2018 CNY 16

2018 CNY 20

  • Kungfu Baby 歌曲-功夫宝贝

Kungfu Baby song and dance by SK.

2018 CNY 18

2018 CNY 19

  • Chinese Language 歌曲-中国话

Look at our hip-hop dance! We are G1/G2s.

2018 CNY 17

  • Mu Dan River歌曲-牡丹江

Dance with the song "Mu Dan Jiang" by G3/4/5s.

2018 CNY 21

  • Dance Performance 维吾尔民族舞 

We are lucky to enjoy a professional Uygur dance performance at school.

2018 CNY 22

  • Dragon Dance 舞龙

The Dragon dance show draws the performance to an end!

2018 CNY 23