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Year 10 News - 26th May 2017

Find out what's been happening in Year 10

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Even though we are moving towards summer & we have been blessed with some great weather of late, our Year 10 students focus has still been on their academic subjects with the end of year assessments. However as always at NAIS this has been juggled with a variety of other events that our students have benefited from in recent weeks.

Academic subjects

The students have been working extremely hard in lessons to prepare for their end of term assessments. I have been impressed with how the group has taken to the task of assessments crammed into the space of two weeks. In guidance they planned their revision programme and I have witnessed lots of revision cards and great collaboration amongst the pupils on a daily basis as they quiz each other on various topics.  Due to it being the final assessments we have also looked to make the process seem more realistic for our students. This means taking the tests in the hall under the exam conditions that they will face in just under a year! As I write the pupils are in their Biology exam and it good to see that they have so far risen to the challenge of this intense period.

We should also remember that some students are sitting their final IGCSE’s in some subjects. This week Niranjan Rajesh and Chloe Le Godec are taking their Mandarin exams alongside Year 11. Good luck!

Prior to the exam period subjects have still been working on key elements to prepare our students. Some of the Science groups were continuing to look at dissection of the major organs in order to improve their understanding. Meanwhile in English some groups worked on their written skills by describing the life or career of key individuals. I have taken a picture of Martin Marchant’s work on Alexis Sanchez. Martin is someone who has started to make great progress in his subjects and this piece highlighted this as well as his well-known obsession of Chile! For more information of what is going on in lessons please follow the updates on ClassDojo.


In the last few weeks we have had a mixture of focus in our guidance sessions. The students have finished their Yearbook which look fantastic and highlight the different personalities in each form.  All purchases need to be made at the Uniform Shop with the total cost at 100 RMB.

Upon completion of the Yearbook and their revision schedules it has given us some time to focus on the more traditional aspects of a guidance programme. This has seen Mr Crozier and Mrs Procter begin discussions on Sex and Relationships. Clearly as the pupils move through their adolescent years the ability to be informed on such topics are vital to our students and it was pleasing to hear that that the students gained so much from their first session. 

Oxbridge Students

A number of our students have been taking part in Oxbridge preparation lessons over the course of the year. These lunchtime sessions with Mrs Whitson are designed to help academic pupils develop their skills in order to succeed in any future applications for Oxbridge universities within the UK. Within Year 10 Abby Cartwright, Till Scholten, Niranjan Rajesh and Katy Sapsford all deserve a mention for their weekly efforts in this group. As part of this preparation there was an Oxbridge workshop for parents on Friday 26th May to help inform them about the process of applications. It is hoped that all this hard work will pay off for some of our year 10 students!

International Award

It is pleasing to write that yesterday we received information from the International Award headquarters in the UK. They have begun to look at our applicants and have approved the Bronze Award for the following students:

Arsene Roule

Niranjan Rajesh

Nian Er Tan

Chloe Legodec

Rianne Arts

Tariq Usher

Hannah Scott

Well done to these students and I am sure that in the next few days I will receive similar notifications for the remaining students who have finished the award. The UK have sent off their certificates and I look forward to presenting these to the successful students. One really pleasing aspect was the feedback from the UK which praised the level of effort and detail that when into the pupils applications. When you consider that this award is delivered in schools across 143 countries it is fantastic to hear such positive praise!

Musical Opportunities

Many of the students at NAIS have very strong musical talents and this is something which is developed through both lessons and the extra opportunities that we offer. Recently the pupils have benefited in their music lessons from our Julliard links. Ms Andrea Lee was at NAIS for two days giving advice and inspiring our students in their Music lessons. Furthermore two of year 10 students were involved in the Stage and Screen Concert on May 23rd. Well done to Ji Woo Han and Katrina Lo who showcased their talents once more.

Future events

In the final weeks we have a number of future events in which Year 10 will take a leading role in. On June 10th we have the Summer Fair. Year 10 will be helping the running of the event by helping various stalls in what always proves to be a great community event.

Another day to be aware of is the 20th June where Year 10 will take part in an Enterprise day. This whole day event enables pupils to work collaboratively and utilise skills within their allocated groups. There will be more details of this in my next newsletter.

Student Reporters

Below are some students who are reflecting on their revision and the first week of their end of term assessments.

So far we’ve done 4 exams so far. I have found that for subjects such as humanities and English timing is one of the things I have most struggled with. Although it is possible to pass the year 10 exams without revising, I highly recommend that you write notes throughout the year to make revision for year 11 much easier. It is always better to begin to revise as early as possible and think ahead as well as finding a method of revision that works well for you personally. 

Aoki Yamada

This week we finished 3 exams in total: economics, maths P1 and Biology. It has helped our year in whole plan out our time management and become ready for how the exams will proceed in our IGCSE’s in year 11. In classes we have been revising for our future exams and this has helped us since we have become more prepared. All the revision material that teachers have given us so far has been very useful and made a difference when we sit for our actual exams. Overall, this week has been stressful with the amount of revision being done however it also means that we have finished 4 papers.

Vanessa Oyuchi

This week we started our assessment cycle 3. So far I’ve done 4 exams: Economics, Math paper 1, French speaking and Biology. This week in lessons we have been preparing ourselves for the exams. For revision we have been making notes and flashcards on all the different topics we have done this year. Furthermore we have been doing exam practice questions and past papers to learn how to answer the questions. This week we have no more exams so we will be spending a lot of time revising for the tests next week.

Tommaso Carnelli

In Classes we have been doing revision for our Assessment Cycle 3 exams which have taken place this week and next week. For revision we have been making notes and flashcards on all the different topics we have done this year. So far we have had Economics, in which we had to do notes on the first 4 units of our textbook. A good way to prepare for our exams is to make sure we make notes throughout the year that we can use now, in the mocks and our final exams next year. Our next exam was Math paper 1 in which we had to make sure to do questions of every sort that we have done and could come up in the exam, but also not complete all the questions because then we will have none to do in preparation for paper 2 next week.

Katy Sapsford