• Distinctly Different

    We offer a distinctly different option from other private schools in Boston, providing your child with the opportunity for a high level of academic success.

    Nursery Child Plays in Rocket

  • Globally Recognized Curricula

    Our combination of curricula is regarded as one of the finest in the world by leading colleges and universities.

    World Class Learning

  • Nurturing Risk In A Safe Environment

    We celebrate success and encourage risk taking, all within a safe and supportive environment where well-being comes first.

    high school students hiking at the British International School Boston

  • Inspiring Every Child

    Our staff are dedicated to knowing every child well and adapting their approach to ensure all are successful.

    A teacher works with a young student at the British International School of Boston

  • Join Our Community

    We are the school of choice for discerning parents who seek a genuine 21st century education for their children. Join us.

    Year 1 students smile while holding signs they made for the seniors

  • The BISB Bulldog Sports Teams

    Go Bulldogs!

    Fall Family Fair at the British International School of Boston

  • Tell Us About Your Child

    Every child is unique. Tell us about your child and we'll explain how we can help them be successful and happy.

    mom with a phone at the British International School of Boston

  • Inspiring Innovation

    We're bringing the national computer programming, Hour of Code, to our school.

    Coding lessons at the British International School of Boston

Safety and Security

Student care at school is our top priority. Our Health and Safety Committee, made up of administrators and teachers, works hard to keep your child safe at school, regularly updating safety procedures and training staff members to follow these procedures daily.

  • Students arrive at school
  • Students walk into the school building

At Our School:

  • All visitors must be buzzed through the main entrance to enter the school building. Visitors are required to check in with the Main Office, sign in and wear a visitors' badge at all times while in the school.
  • All doors to the school remain locked throughout the school day. Each door is monitored by a security camera and intercom system, allowing office personnel to see and speak with each visitor before unlocking a door.
  • Pick-up procedures are driven by our parents. Any changes to pick-up plans for a student must be reported to the Main Office by a parent or guardian. Any student dropped off late or picked up early must be signed in and out by a parent or guardian.
  • The Health and Safety Committee is made up of administrators, teaching staff and facilities workers. Safety and security procedures and protocols are reviewed and revised frequently, and regular safety drills are held throughout the school year.
  • Safety continues even when students are out of the school building. Parents are always informed of field trips and off-campus outings in advance, and must provide permission for students to attend. Staff members accompanying students off campus are required to bring a first aid kit and important student medications.
  • All teachers, staff and volunteers receive background checks before working with students and receive first aid training to handle minor bumps and bruises in their classrooms and on the playground.

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