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Leadership Session for Year 11

The definition of a leader may differ between each person in our class, but we all agreed that a leader is someone who others can rely on in tough situations.

  • Vietnam Future board display

And this Monday we all touched upon the leader hidden within us, in the leadership session with Ms. Wright. We learnt that we all can be leaders. So we all put our leadership skills to test, to see what types of leaders we were, through questionnaires, activities and fun games. This session made us realise that, as students of BVIS, we must continue to further improve to fulfil our roles as future leaders of Vietnam, starting with the A-levels qualifications awaiting us.

Once again, I would like to thank Ms. Wright for the awesome session. And we hope that we will see you next year as a member of staff at our school.

Phuong Anh - Year 11 Student

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