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      In 2014 we achieved 82% A* to C in our GCSE examination results, with 31% of the marks being either A* or A grades.

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      Through Nord Anglia University our teaching staff maintain the highest standards of a rigorous British education.

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      Our High Performance Learning approach to education, coupled with the Global Classroom initiative gives every child the opportunity to thrive in our schools.

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      Our school is now close to capacity but we welcome your application. Please contact us to discuss vacancies at our school.

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      We are a warm and welcoming community providing a rigorous education to our students.

    Quick-look Calendar

    May (all day) 22 (all day)

    Last Day for IB Exams

    May 24

    Public Speaking

    May 24

    Ministry Exams

    May (all day) 25 (all day)

    Secondary Mock Exams

    May 25

    PTA and all Class Parent Representatives


    International Arts Week Canvases

    The BIS Abu Dhabi PTA is pleased to present canvases painted by FS and Primary classes for International Arts Week 2015. Classes worked together to come up with a piece of art that reflected the country they were studying for the week. The art piece...


    Supporting your Child at Examination Time

    You may recall from your own experience that revising and preparing for examinations can be just as daunting and stressful as the examination itself. It can also be an apprehensive time for parents, who often ask “How can I help my child to prepare?”


    Challenge and Pygmalion

    True learning takes place over a long period of time. The fact that a student seems to understand something in one lesson is no guarantee that they will still understand it a few weeks later. So if we can’t be sure certain learning is embedded, how c...

    second floor

    2nd Floor Development

    What an exciting time to be a part of BIS Abu Dhabi – building works on the second floor are continuing nicely with developments taking shape before our eyes!


    HOT OFF THE PRESS: Global Orchestra Selections

    We are extremely proud to announce the students who have been selected to go to New York and participate in the Nord Anglia Education Global Orchestra – a fantastic opportunity that any musical child could only dream of. Drumroll…

    Event On 29th April

    Parent Forum: Vision for the School 2015-16

    BIS Abu Dhabi is pleased to invite parents to join us for a discussion forum to consider the future development of our school.

    Event On 27th April

    Student Art and Photography Exhibition

    IB CAS Students in Year 12 are asking students at BIS Abu Dhabi to take a photo or create a piece of art upon the theme of ‘What’s inside your head?’ It is a chance for students to expose their creative side and portray what they feel inside their he...

    Event 19 - 23 April
    arts week

    International Arts Festival

    We are very excited that next week will see the whole school celebrating our multiculturally diverse community by participating in International Arts week.