At The British International School Abu Dhabi, every day is packed with life-changing experiences. Our tuition fees reflect the extraordinary learning opportunities and the world-leading British international curriculum we offer in Abu Dhabi – both in lessons and outside the classroom – that will inspire your child to be creative, follow their passions, and think differently.
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Getting started

After you've made an enquiry and taken a tour, you'll need to complete our Online Application Form. There's no fee to submit your application.


Registration stage

Once the application process is complete, we'll write to you to offer your child a place. To secure your offer, you'll need to pay a non-refundable registration fee of 5% by a set deadline. The registration fee will then be deducted from your child's tuition fees once they take up their place.


The 5% registration fees are:

Year Group

5% Registration Fee


2,641 AED

Early Years FS2

2,733 AED

Years 1-5

3,326 AED

Years 6-11

3,405 AED

Years 12-13

3,749 AED



Tuition fees

 Year Group Annual Fee Autumn Term
(Aug - Dec)
(4 Months)
 Spring Term
(Jan - Mar)
(3 Months)
Summer Term
(Apr - Jul)
(3 Months)
Nursery 52,816 AED  21,126 AED  15,845 AED   15,845 AED
 FS2 54,653 AED  21,861 AED  16,396 AED 16,396 AED 
 Years 1- 5 66,510 AED  26,604 AED 19,953 AED  19, 953 AED 
 Years 6 - 11 68,090 AED  27,236 AED  20,427 AED  20,427 AED
 Years 12 - 13 74,980 AED 29,992 AED  22,494 AED  22,494 AED 


Sibling Discount

 4th Child 

5th Child 
7.5%  10%

Year groups chart


  • Pre KG = FS1 Nursery

  • KG1 = FS2 (Reception)

  • KG2 = Y01

  • Gr 1 = Y02


Fees at The British International School Abu Dhabi are subject to Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) approval. The fees are charged evenly based on a 10-month year.


Bus fees

We run a safe and efficient bus service that covers the main residential areas of Abu Dhabi. The costs of our service are detailed below.



Annual Fee

Autumn Term


Spring Term


Summer Term


Return Journey

8,000 AED

3,200 AED

2,400 AED

2,400 AED

One-way Journey







  • Does The British International School Abu Dhabi charge any additional fees?

    The above tuition fees represent the cost of tuition, textbooks and associated curricula materials for the academic year 2024/25.

    School uniforms can be purchased at an additional cost from Zaks Uniforms

    If EAL or AEN is required, this may be subject to additional cost.

  • How does the process differ if my company is paying the tuition fees?

    Our aim is to make the process as straightforward and simple as possible for you, the parents. In the event that your company will be paying school fees, our Admissions Team and Finance Team will be happy to provide you with information to make it a smooth process.

  • How long should I expect the full admissions process to take?
    From the moment a parent first makes contact with The British International School Abu Dhabi, to the point when we offer their child a place at the school should take no more than two weeks. It really depends on how quickly parents wish to apply.
  • What is the assessment process before an offer is made?
    Assessment sessions will be held throughout the academic year for Year 1 to Year 12. Play sessions for Nursery & Foundations Stage 2 are a mandatory step in the admissions process for all students currently in the UAE.

    Students applying to the school may be required to sit an assessment to gauge their level of English, additional learning needs, or to help decide which year level will be most appropriate. 


There’s so much to see at BIS Abu Dhabi. Join us for a tour and you’ll meet our exceptional teachers and get a feel for our thriving international community. Get in touch with our admissions team today. 

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