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  • About North Broward Preparatory School

    North Broward Preparatory is a long-established school offering robust curricula that promotes individualized learning, creativity and critical thinking.

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  • An Innovative, Unmatched Educational Experience

    At North Broward Preparatory School, your child will learn the critical skills needed to thrive in an increasingly global world.

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  • Individual Aspirations. Engaging Community.

    North Broward is a welcoming, engaging and thoughtful learning community where each student is encouraged and empowered to successfully pursue his or her individual aspirations.


  • Life in South Florida

    Your child will have extended opportunities to utilize North Broward’s standout academic programs, state-of-the-art facilities and robust curricula, within our engaging and thoughtful learning community.

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  • Developing Creativity & Confidence

    We offer a vibrant Fine Arts education that fosters broad dispositions and skills, especially: creative thinking, connection making, artistic achievement, and a sensitive aesthetic awareness.

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    We provide an unmatched educational experience that is tailored for each student’s interests, and is unrivaled in South Florida.

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    Visit our news and events pages to stay up to date on our vibrant community.

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Media Arts

Exploring meaning through collaboration

Our students create worlds: they ask questions, explore ideas and build meaning. Through this journey they share their understandings with others, motivating broad conversations about art, our lives, our culture, and our beliefs.

The Media Arts curriculum develops students’ critical thinking abilities, courage, passion and curiosity. We give them the tools to appreciate the multiplicity of creative, cultural and historical perspectives in visual media.

Students develop their unique creative skills as practitioners by exploring the films, texts, theories, and ideas of different individuals, nations, and cultures.

Middle School

Middle School Media Arts courses offer foundational experiences in photography, journalism, film, screenwriting and animation.

  • Film, Animation & Special Effects
  • Introduction to Digital Photography and Yearbook
High School

The High School Media Arts curriculum offers sequential courses that develop our students’ ability for reflection and self-critique; shaping their passion into a drive to learn and to pursue excellence, both in and outside of the arts. 

  • International Baccalaureate Film (HL and SL)
  • Film Production (I, II, III, IV)
  • Cinema Studies
  • Animation & Special Effects (I, II, III, IV)
  • Digital Art
  • Journalism Honors
  • Photography Honors
  • Introduction to Digital Photography and Yearbook

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