• About North Broward Preparatory School

    North Broward Preparatory is a long-established school offering robust curricula that promotes individualized learning, creativity and critical thinking.

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  • An Innovative, Unmatched Educational Experience

    At North Broward Preparatory School, your child will learn the critical skills needed to thrive in an increasingly global world.

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  • Individual Aspirations. Engaging Community.

    North Broward is a welcoming, engaging and thoughtful learning community where each student is encouraged and empowered to successfully pursue his or her individual aspirations.


  • Life in South Florida

    Your child will have extended opportunities to utilize North Broward’s standout academic programs, state-of-the-art facilities and robust curricula, within our engaging and thoughtful learning community.

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  • Developing Creativity & Confidence

    We offer a vibrant Fine Arts education that fosters broad dispositions and skills, especially: creative thinking, connection making, artistic achievement, and a sensitive aesthetic awareness.

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  • Learn more about the admissions process

    We provide an unmatched educational experience that is tailored for each student’s interests, and is unrivaled in South Florida.

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  • Find out what's happening.

    Visit our news and events pages to stay up to date on our vibrant community.

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Our Facilities

Located just outside of Ft. Lauderdale in Coconut Creek, Florida, North Broward Preparatory School is a college-style campus of nearly 80 acres. 


Students in our Upper, Middle and Lower Schools are given the tools required to pursue passions and interests, and to find success that is meaningful to them. 

Our outstanding facilities include:

  • 15 buildings on the Coconut Creek & 3 buildings on Coral Spring Campus
  • two swimming pools
  • Global Wellness Center
  • Weight Room & Fitness Studios
  • Fitness Center
  • spacious Learning Commons
  • 10 private music lesson studios
  • multiple music ensemble rehearsal rooms
  • two Piano Labs
  • three Dance Studios
  • four Visual Art Studios
  • three Media Arts Labs
  • football and soccer fields
  • iPads for all students 
  • robotics, maker and design spaces

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