To celebrate our Themaids 5th anniversary we offer a gift to families joining us for the Academic Year 2024/2025. Enrol your child in our Early Years Programme, and benefit from our new tuition fees.
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Exciting News!

We are happy to celebrate our Themaid campus' 5th anniversary! We're giving the gift to a great start and are excited to announce a new tuition cost for our Early Years programme across all our campuses. It's our way of giving back to you. At Compass, we're dedicated to offering a premium education to begin the extraordinary!

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Discover education like no other. The entry into a Nord Anglia's premium Early Years programme tuition now stars at QAR 45,000 for Early Years 1 and QAR 55,000 for Early Years 2. A gift to celebrate learning from Compass.
Tuition fees
Our gift to you Early Years Compass International School
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Our globally respected curriculum – created by world-leading education experts – reimagines learning through our six core educational pillars.
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Nurturing Well-Being

At Compass International Schools in Qatar, we honor our time-honored tradition of creating an exceptional environment that truly cherishes the well-being of every student. With cutting-edge safety measures and comprehensive health support, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring their protection. Together, we build a legacy of safety and success!

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Play-Based Learning

We know that happy, healthy children learn better and achieve more. Our outstanding physical and mental health programme is not only a strong investment into your child's success at school, but also into their future.


And the National Children's Bureau agrees, by recognising our commitment with the prestigious Wellbeing Award For Schools – the first school in Vietnam to receive this award.


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Easy Accessible Locations for Limitless Growth

Discover prime locations that are not just schools but vibrant communities for families. Our campuses offer the perfect blend of world-class education and a nurturing environment, providing your children with endless opportunities to thrive. Join our global family and embark on an extraordinary educational journey together!

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Our Worlds-Best Teachers Inspire Excellence

Experience excellence in teaching and a nurturing environment at our school. Our qualified teachers with international qualifications ensure a global perspective in education. Teaching assistants equipped with professional EY qualifications provide exceptional support and care. Our staff's access to online courses at Nord Anglia University enhances their expertise in early childhood education. Join our community for remarkable growth and a bright future for your young learner!

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Unleashing Curiosity

Igniting young minds through dedicated play areas! Our EY campuses provide enchanting environments where our little learners can freely explore their passions and interests. From creative play corners to interactive spaces, we foster a sense of wonder and encourage them to follow their curiosity.

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