PHE parent workshop - phe-parent-workshop
Nord Anglia
11 三月, 2021

PHE parent workshop

PHE parent workshop - phe-parent-workshop
PHE parent workshop _20210311093620

Our Athletic Director Tom McCabe was grateful for the opportunity to present a Parent Workshop to a diverse group of LFA members. Mr. McCabe's presentation covered the PHE program at Léman, Wellbeing, Sport and Community Relations. Mr. McCabe spoke in detail about our Physical and Health Education program. Tom focused on the details of the curriculum, but also spoke passionately about the values that our excellent PHE staff work to impart to our students. 


With a balanced approach in mind, Mr. McCabe also spoke about the important concept of Wellbeing. He touched on Nutrition, Sleep, Hydration and Mental Positivity. His presentation also included an explanation of the challenges and opportunities that the PHE team have embraced during the pandemic. Mr. McCabe finished his presentation with a look ahead at the future plans of the PHE department. 

A thoughtful question and answer period followed, where Mr. McCabe provided informative responses to the inquiries of our community.


Mr. McCabe would like to thank the LFA leadership for the opportunity to present to our community. "Our PHE staff, is passionate, talented and do excellent work with our students every day. I was so pleased to meet with so many of our parents and share what we do in our department. Next time we will lead a physical session so that interested parents can share the PHE experience of their children!"