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14 October, 2019

Sports Report - 14th October 2019

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Sports Report

U16 Boys Volleyball vs Gulf English School 2-0 (25-16; 25-20)

In the boys second QUESS Volleyball league game of the season, the team travel to Gulf English School in Doha. After witnessing GES defeat our sister school Compass at the U16 Volleyball tournament a few weeks ago, the boys knew that they were going to be in for a tough game.

The start of the game began in a similar fashion to each game they have played in so far, which saw them go down early in the first game 0-5. However, the boys soon regained their composure to bring themselves back into the game. One of the main frustrations from last week was giving away easy points by serving the ball into the net. However, the service game was much stronger this week, with over 90% of serves in the first game going in. This, in combination with some excellent setup play, we saw the boys take the first game 25-16.

Moving into the second game, GES once again started strongly on the back of a strong service game and a never say die attitude which made them win several points that appeared to be unwinnable. NAISAK however, countered this with some excellent play at the net with both spiking and blocking being evident. In a seesaw second game, the game was tight throughout, however with some excellent serving towards the end of the game saw NAISAK win the second game 25-20. This was the boys first-ever league win and the jubilation from the boys was evident at the end of the game.

Next week sees the boys head to AKIS for a triple-header against AKIS and Qatar International School on Wednesday 16th October.


U14 Volleyball vs Qatar Academy Al Wakra 1-2 (25-7; 14-25; 7-15)

After a long journey to Al Wakra, the U14s boys started the first game amazingly well, taking an early 7-0 lead. This was on the back of a very strong serving game as well making excellent use of their three passes to locate space on the other side of the net. Throughout the first game, NAISAK looked in full control and never really looked troubled by the opposition. This resulted in NAISAK taking the first game comfortably 25-7.

The second game also started strongly, however, there were signs that the boys were beginning to become far too complacent, which allowed the opposition back into the game. At this point, silly mistakes started to creep in with poor pass selection and serve hitting the net. NAISAK struggled to get into the game and lost the second game 14-25.

The final and deciding game, saw NAISAK lose some early points in which they never managed to come back from. The game saw plenty of positives, in which saw the boys play some of the best Volleyball they have played since they started playing this year. However, what was good for the boys moving forward was for them to be put under pressure in the final two games. All of the boys were extremely reflective at the end of the game and will take this reflection into their next game which sees them playing AKIS on Wednesday 16th October.


U10 & U11 Indoor Athletics

An update of the results of last week’s U10 & U11 Indoor Athletics which saw several our students place in the top three students in various events. This was an amazing achievement with so many students participating across the two days with a record number of schools.


Sourav Shajan – Balance Beam – 1st

Sourav Shajan – Vertical Jump – 1st

Nafees Azhar – Vertical Jump – 1st

Ayan Irshad– Target Throw – 1st

Fatima Rehan – Vertical Jump – 2nd

Ghaisan Hadan – Balance Beam – 2nd


Abdulla Saqr – Target Throw – 2nd

Abijith Rajesh – Target throw – 2nd

Tiare Escomel – Balance Beam – 2nd


U8 & U9 Indoor Athletics

It was the turn this week for our U8 & U9 teams to represent NAISAK at The QPPSSA Indoor Athletics meet at ACS. In two very close competitions which saw very little points difference between each of the schools involved saw NAISAK finish 7th out of 9 teams in the U8 meet and 8th out of 13 teams in the U9 meet. For all of our QPPSSA teams, the focus now turns to Football in anticipation for their football tournaments in October.

Todd Wain
Director of Sport