Outstanding experiences

Extraordinary learning experiences will enrich your child’s education, unlocking a world of opportunities.


At Nord Anglia International School Al Khor (NAISAK), every student’s learning journey is unique.

Inspired by our talented teachers, local partnerships, and international collaborations, your child will enjoy a breadth of exhilarating opportunities – both in and beyond the classroom – that will allow them to experience more. In doing so, they’ll develop the skills, knowledge, and global outlook they need to flourish now and in the future.

Whether it’s helping to build a school in Tanzania, making thrilling discoveries through our STEAM collaboration with MIT, or immersing themselves in the cultural vibrancy of Qatar, our students become brilliant leaders, contributors, adventurers, and thinkers. We make sure they’re safe, supported, and happy, too, empowered to excel and shape their own future.

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The Juilliard School
Our collaboration with the world leader in the performing arts nurtures our students’ love of dance, drama, and music.
The MIT-Nord Anglia STEAM programme develops our students’ problem-solving skills through real-world challenges that get them thinking outside the box.
Students are challenged to make a difference both locally and internationally, working together to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
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Whatever your child loves to do, there’s an exceptional extra-curricular activity for them at NAISAK.

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Cultural connections

Learning at NAISAK, your child will immerse themselves in the history, traditions, and community spirit of Qatar. From Quran recital and Arabic calligraphy to musical performances and the chance to represent our school at national events, our students contribute to our host country’s rich cultural fabric. Partnerships with prestigious organisations, including Qatari Museums and the Qatar Aspire Academy, also enable us to offer one-of-a-kind experiences.

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An ever-changing roster of sports clubs gives students of all ages and abilities the opportunity to discover their passions and showcase their athletic prowess. From team sports like football and basketball to individual activities like swimming and martial arts, your child will finesse their skills, keep fit, and make lasting memories with their friends.

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Your child will embark on a thrilling journey of intellectual exploration, as they discover our diverse range of after-school academic activities. Whether it’s taking on a STEAM challenge, learning to code, or debating pressing global issues, we offer a myriad of opportunities for students to sharpen their critical thinking skills and deepen their knowledge beyond the classroom.

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The arts

Our students’ passion for the arts shines at creative clubs that offer something for everyone. Your child will express their artistic side in painting and sculpting groups, and sing, play, and perform in our Juilliard-inspired acting and music programmes. Guided by gifted performers and talented artists, each activity nurtures self-expression, unleashes creativity, and provides plenty of opportunities for collaboration.

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Off-campus activities

Amazing opportunities await on exciting adventures away from our campus. Your child will explore space and time at the Qatar Planetarium, discover a unique ecosystem in the Al Khor mangroves, or prepare for a career in journalism on the Al Jazeera TV set. Guided by experts, our off-campus experiences develop our students’ skills, build their confidence, and spark new passions. 

Outdoor Education


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Your child will develop a lifelong love of adventure at NAISAK, as they embark on cultural, sporting, and service trips in Qatar and across the world.
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Global expeditions

Our children join fellow Nord Anglia Education students on life-changing expeditions to Tanzania and Switzerland.

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Global expeditions

Our incredible citizenship trip to Arusha, Tanzania teaches students about global responsibility and sustainability, and the important role we play in looking after our planet. Working with locals on a variety of projects, students develop a sense of independence, increase their understanding of the world, and learn the importance of being part of a community.

The personal challenge expedition in Les Martinets, Switzerland, encourages our students to push themselves to their limits. Set in the beautiful Swiss Alps, students hike through the mountains and take on a series of challenges. Students also learn important skills – like cooking and working together under pressure – while creating treasured memories that will stay with them forever.

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Residential trips

Our students discover all Qatar has to offer on overnight trips that build independence and nurture their teamwork and leadership skills.

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Residential trips

Our immersive expeditions in Qatar add an exciting element to our students’ education.

Through The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, for example, our secondary learners enjoy a range of unique experiences, including camping in the desert and skippering a sailboat. And our younger students head out on adventure camps with friends, where they hone their survival skills, enjoy water sports, and discover the wonders of local geology.

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Local excursions

A wealth of one-of-a-kind opportunities enhance our students’ school experience.

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Local excursions

We organise a range of educational trips across Qatar. Each one is carefully planned to broaden perspectives and add a real-world perspective to your child’s learning.

These include presenting the news at a national media agency and taking part in debates at the National Library. Your child will form meaningful community connections, too, cleaning local beaches and delivering food parcels during the holy month of Ramadan.

Our students take part in national art competitions, dance challenges, maths Olympiads, and Qatar Private Primary School Sports Association tournaments. They also relish the opportunity to represent our school at high profile occasions, like the 2022 World Cup.

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We know that students who feel safe, happy, and included will flourish. And that’s why, at NAISAK, your child’s wellbeing will always come first.

Guided by our whole-school Leader of Wellbeing, our highly qualified staff provide the individualised support each student needs to look after their physical and mental health. All our teachers take part in specialist training with the world-renowned Anna Freud Centre, too, ensuring they have the knowledge and tools to provide expert advice and guidance.

On our digital Global Campus platform, your child will have access to a wealth of specialist support and resources. We also run information sessions for parents on our secure YouTube channel, covering topics like online safety and healthy eating.

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At NAISAK, we celebrate internationalism, embrace local culture, and provide one-of-a-kind opportunities for students to effect real change.

Through our exclusive collaboration with UNICEF, your child will demonstrate determination, resourcefulness, and ingenuity as they seek to solve urgent global challenges, including climate change. They’ll also take part in debates, collaborative projects, and international trips, where they’ll share their ideas on the world stage.

Many of our students join the planet’s leading youth achievement scheme, The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, too. Your child can also make a tangible difference in school, becoming a role model for their peers through our student voice programme.

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With its warm, vibrant atmosphere, plentiful outdoor spaces, and specialist facilities, our Al Khor campus is the perfect place for your child to learn, discover, and grow.