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Nord Anglia
16 November, 2023

Nord Anglia Education launches INSIGHTS digital publication offering a refreshingly honest view on the future of education

INSIGHTS - Issue 1

The latest publication provides an in-depth exploration of crucial facets within global education, delving into pressing issues ranging from the mental well-being of youth to the impact of technology and artificial intelligence on learning. It examines the potential landscape of education and well-being, offering insights into the evolving future of these interconnected realms.

Lord David Puttnam, Chairman, Nord Anglia’s Education Advisory Board said: “We're proud to unveil the first edition of INSIGHTS, which is filled with informative articles and expert opinions. Our mission is to shed light on the complexities of modern education as we all strive to prepare the next generation for a rapidly changing world’.


While new pieces continue to debut, upon its launch, INSIGHTS delves into crucial aspects for preparing the next generation in our ever-evolving world:

    • 'Pursuing Happiness' explores the pivotal role of emotional well-being in the lives of young learners, emphasizing its correlation with long-term success. Expert insights highlight the significance of nurturing happiness within family and school environments, suggesting its potential to outweigh academic achievements in predicting adult well-being.
    • 'The Fourth Education Revolution' prompts contemplation on the transformative power of artificial intelligence in education, advocating for its potential to revolutionize learning through tailored experiences. It proposes AI as a solution to societal disparities and student mental health issues while alleviating educators' workloads.
    • 'Life in the Skills Locker' underscores the increasing importance of soft skills, urging a shift from traditional academic measurements. This article champions skills like emotional intelligence and critical thinking as essential for future success. Schools are embracing STEAM and problem-solving initiatives to equip students for a swiftly evolving world.
    • 'Knowledge is Power?' questions the evolving role of memorization in an era of information abundance. While foundational knowledge remains vital, the focus is on cultivating adaptable learners capable of real-world applications.
    • 'Social Purpose. Real World Value or Virtual Signalling?' challenges us to redefine authentic social impact within educational settings. Driven by Gen Z’s interest in social and environmental causes, institutions are supporting impactful student-led initiatives.

Beyond these thought-provoking articles, INSIGHTS aims to be a hub for the latest research, interviews with educational leaders, and opinion pieces on teaching and learning best practices.

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