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Dear Parents and Students

Coffee Morning

All parents are invited to attend an informal coffee morning tomorrow morning, Monday 27 March at 07:30 in the Courtyard. Members of the Leadership Team will be present to greet you and answer any questions that you may have.

In order to provide you with feedback from the Parent Satisfaction Survey, I will deviate from writing about the Strategic Development Plan this week.

Parent Satisfaction Survey

We would like to say thank you to everyone who shared this valuable feedback. 32% of parents participated in our annual survey. These results, along with continuous guidance and review with Nord Anglia’s Education Team, enable us to create a thorough improvement and development plan for our school.

Key Findings

We are very proud of our 2016/17 academic year results which represent the collective hard work and dedication of everyone at our school.


In response to the statement ‘the school lives up to my expectations so far’, we increased our positive response rate from 81% to 90%. The induction students receive at the start of the year also scored well with an increase from 87% to 100%.

We scored higher than our Nord Anglia counterparts in the region in most questions related to ‘Teaching’. 91% of parents reported their child is motivated by their teacher, which is 5% higher than the regional average of 86%. The importance of having a good relationship with the teacher is essential to a student’s learning. I am pleased to report that 93% of parents felt that their children have positive relations with their teacher.

We scored well in areas related to admissions.I would like to thank our Admissions Coordinator, Lauren Jones, and the ladies on Reception for their work in ensuring a positive and warm welcome to the school.

Communication is an area that we have focused on improving this academic year. Although, I appreciate that we can always improve the way in which we communicate, we are encouraged to see an overall improvement in all but one question related to communication.

Areas for Improvement

The area that drew the largest concern from parents is with our facilities. This is of general concern in a variety of areas. The statement that asked parents for their views on the ‘looks and feel of campus’ experienced a 13% drop in the positive response rate. There were similar concerns raised about the Library (or lack thereof) and the IT facilities.

I am encouraged to report that we are planning to have a Library area for next academic year. Similarly, last Wednesday, we were granted initial permission from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education to improve and enhance our facilities. Our intention is to complete this work over the summer to be ready when teachers return in August.

We will keep you updated on our progress in each of these areas through our e-Newsletter next academic year. Once again, thank you for your continued support of NAISAK. Your feedback is invaluable as we continue to enhance teaching and learning at our school for every student.


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