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Middle & High School Science

Middle & High School Science

Grades 6 - 12

Grade 7

Grade 7 has been exploring Matter and Heat and the role temperature has on solids, liquids, and gases.






We have been getting up close and personal will all those perky particles vibrating, flowing, and zipping around inside everything around us. We are now quite knowledgeable about our particle friends and how temperature excites them into action and slows until they are frozen in their tracks.

We have also had tons of fun exploring a variety of chemistry and physics topics by courageously conducting a plethora of experiments, we are now preparing to be thinkers as we design a new experiment all by ourselves!

Grade 8

'The Science lab J210 was used during the Challenge Week'. Grade 8 Students were creating Superhero costumes or gadgets that were inspired by animal abilities.   






Grade 9

Students started the year proving to be great inquirers, as they worked in groups to build the tallest balloon tower they construct. Using only 20 balloons, NOTHING else, the tallest tower being 1.5meters!!!





We have been focusing on human influences on the environment and are becoming very principled environmentalists as we learn about our responsibility to educate our friends and family on how to stop being part of the environmental problem and become part of the solution.

Proving ourselves to be communicators we have delved into the world of conservation writing a National Geographic article on conservation and an article about how science can be used to solve the problem of extinction.

Grade 11

Grade 11 has courageously embraced the IB Diploma Programme and fully immersed themselves in the Group 4 Sciences!


Grade 11 has embraced the IB Diploma Programme and fully immersed itself in the world of the Cell. 

First they focused on the structure and function of both plant and animal cells.






The super six were excited inquirers as they used light microscopes to view various cells, including cheek cells from their own bodies.   

Then, through their tireless hard work and dedication they proved to be knowledgeable about cell membranes, after taking an in-depth look at how they contribute to crucial processes like endocytosis, exocytosis, diffusion, osmosis, and active transport.

Grade 12          


Grade 12 have become extremely knowledgeable Biologists, preparing them for a strong finish in their final year of the IB Biology Diploma Programme. They’ve had a strong start to the year focusing our Option: Ecology and Conservation, in which students explored various factors affecting ecosystems, including the impact of humans on ecosystems.

The fantastic four courageously dissected owl pellets to explore the Barn Owl Food Chain.






We’ve no moved onto the human body and are becoming quite knowledgeable as we, respectfully, dissect fetal pigs to learn more about our bodies systems and how they work together to keep us alive and active.