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Grade 1 Rocks!

We have started the year off getting to know each other, learning classroom procedures and routines, and making new friends.

We are very lucky in Grade 1 because we are all healthy. We would like to share with you our first IPC Unit, “How Are You?” In this unit, we are learning about our emotions and feelings and how to incorporate healthy habits into our daily lives. Students have participated in an obstacle course, read and wrote about their feelings and made fruit and veggie art. Most importantly, students are figuring out the impact of unhealthy germs.


To jump start our unit, Grade 1A and 1B completed an obstacle course on our primary playground. We talked about how we felt prior to the activity and how we felt after the activity. Students have increased the amount of physical activity this term by participating in PE classes, dance classes, and swimming classes. Additionally, students have logged exercises they have completed at home for homework. As an exit point, students will be putting together a workout. 

Feelings poem

One important aspect of learning how to be healthy is knowing the different ways we can express ourselves. Students in Grade 1 are uncovering the names of different feelings and identifying experiences which relate to these feelings we have inside of us. We used the poem “I Look in the Mirror” to read, write, and share experiences with each other. Students gained a better understanding and connected with their classmates by listening to each other take risks and communicate their ideas in English.

Creating a Healthy Snack with Fruit and Veggie Art

Students were asked to bring in one fruit and one vegetable. With the help of their imagination, and some ideas, students went right to work creating fruit and veggie art. Students were engaged, communicative, and critical thinkers throughout this process. They exposed themselves to different textures, colors and ideas. Feedback was given by students to other students on their walk around the room. Not only were students exposed to fun ways of creating a fun way to eat more fruits and veggies, they had the opportunity to appreciate and interpret art.

Want to try making your own fruit and veggie art? Check-out these examples and eat your way to 2-3 servings a day.

Students in Grade 1 will strive­­­ to make balanced choices not only throughout the rest of this unit, but through the rest of their lives. Check the list below to reflect on your well-being. 

• Are you eating the right foods?

• Are you getting enough exercise?

• Are you getting enough sleep?

  • Are you drinking enough water?

• What activities can you do to stay fit?

  • What have you done today to be happy?
  • What’s one small change you can make today that will make a huge impact in the long run?

Here are some thoughts about this unit from our students:

Viktoriia - I learned about healthy and unhealthy foods and about exercising.

Xi Wu - I learned how to make something with food.

Matthew - I learned about feelings.

Aiza - Wash your hands. Eat fruits and vegetables a lot.

Eva - Feelings can change.

John Arne - Feelings is if you’re sad, if you're happy, if you're angry, think. If someone says something nice to you will be happy, if someone says something not nice you will not feel good.

Kevin - If other people do bad things to us then we feel angry.

Mia - Germs is about stuff that goes inside your body that not supposed to. Eat fruits.

Nick - If you don't wash your hands you will get sick.

Tony - Washing your body because germs are on your body.

Lukas - If you eat unhealthy snacks your teeth will be bad.

Jenney - Every time we eat food we need to wash our hands.