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Engineering Exhibition Trip SECC

On Thursday and Friday of last week, Mr Reid took a group of Year 11, 12 and 13 students, who have an interest in engineering, to a trade fair at the SECC which showcased the latest industry technologies. Two of our students, Thien An and Minh Anh from Year 11 described their visit below”

“Visiting the engineering exhibition had brought I and my friends some tremendous experiments and in some way had influenced us about the future target.

There were so many technological development companies from Japan and Vietnam in the location. I have seen many wonderful technological devices of humankind on TV and through images but I never thought I could see them in real life before this visit. For instance, my favorite exhibition was the laser cutter at the near end of the exhibition. The marketing department of the company showed us what the machine does and we were surprised of the detailed carves on the card that were made by the laser. He told us that everything was programmed on computers so consumers only needed to place the object and press the button then magic will occur.

There are also other admirable technology such as 3D printer of the Miracle 3D Printer company or Metal Cutter in the industry. The 3D printer F5000 was amazingly attractive as they can create a mini statue of a person after 3D scanning in their miracle box. “There is a special liquid”, he explained, “that they placed inside the machine. When light came through, the liquid will turn into solid that form a precise ratio statue.” This experiment was my friend’s favorite. The metal cutter was also really impressive. There are 8 stations for different shapes of metal piece that the orator showed us by cutting one thick piece into smaller pieces as easy as eating a pie. He said they use a sharp cutter which has heat at the top of the blade that softened the metal surface when cutting. These machines generally were invented to help the production in the manufacturing industry. With them, businesses can increase productivity to supply the huge demand of the market.

There were a lot more technological devices and tools being exhibited there that showed us how the factory would be like. Through the visits, I learned in reality how a production process would benefit from the machines. We enjoyed the trip.”