ages 5 TO 11


Our personalised approach to Primary education nurtures our students' formative personal and academic growth. It helps our students flourish as individuals, showcase their creativity, discover more about the world, and improve their language skills.
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A unique bilingual curriculum

Our personalised Primary programme delivers the perfect blend of academic knowledge and soft skills, enabling our students to become confident and inspired learners with a clear focus and open mind. Our approach is truly unique: we offer an international bilingual education that places the National Curriculum for England and International Primary Curriculum in a Vietnamese context.

Our students study core literacy and maths. Other subjects are taught in both English and Vietnamese, ensuring our students acquire key academic knowledge, skills, and understanding, while learning in a Vietnamese and international context.

The International Primary Curriculum or 'Lien Ket' (art, history, and geography) are taught through thematic studies delivered in both languages. Lien Ket lessons combine English and Vietnamese via the same teaching method, helping our children to become adept at switching between languages. This method supports their development as multitasking communicators.

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An innovative phonics system

Based on a highly respected English programme, our pioneering phonics approach is taught in both Vietnamese and English. A unique feature of our school, the bilingual phonics programme encourages our students to become proficient communicators in both languages.

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A Personalised learning approach

Our personalised approach to education engages and inspires our students. Lessons are built around each child's needs, preferences, and interests, ensuring they learn in a way that's right for them.

We monitor progress through assessments containing clear Aged-Related Expectations (AREs). These keep track of how each student is progressing in maths, English, and Vietnamese. The outcomes of these assessments are then used to craft future learning.



Our primary students' days are packed with learning experiences that inspire wonder, spark creativity, and develop lifelong skills.
The day begins…
At 8:30am, our students arrive at school. They then discuss, plan, and prepare for an exciting day ahead with their teacher and peers.
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The day begins…
The foundations
In morning lessons, our Primary group enjoy the building blocks of academia: literacy, maths or science studied in either English or Vietnamese
The foundations
Food for thought
At lunchtime, fresh, nutritious, and delicious Asian and Western meals are prepared onsite for students to enjoy with their friends.
Food for thought
Passion projects
In the afternoon, students follow their passions in our Imaginarium, a multi-sensory room where their dreams can become a reality. The Imaginarium promotes visual, tactile, and auditory stimulation, and provides a quiet place for students to unwind.
Passion projects
Home time 
With their minds full and buzzing, our students prepare for the school bus to take them home at 3:05pm, or continue to explore their interests at any one of our 100 after-school clubs. Whether they love art, sport, music, dance, or drama, there truly is something for everyone! 
Home time
How we teach


Our handpicked teachers have a track record of inspiring children to succeed. The bring a wealth of qualifications and experience to our Primary classrooms, and share our commitment to developing both English and Vietnamese language skills.
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Education beyond the classroom

One of the many reasons our children and parents love BVIS HCMC is our diverse extracurricular programme. This instils a lifelong love of learning that extends far beyond the curriculum.

Our students enjoy sports, performing arts, community service, and a range of other activities. We also offer trips in Vietnam, across Asia, and around the world.

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A supportive and close partnership with our parents

We understand that you are your child's first educator – and the most important person in their life! Our goal is to build a strong relationship with you, based on regular communication, that will truly enhance their learning experience. We do this in several ways, including through individual learning portfolios on the ClassDojo platform and regular parent meetings.



Our purpose-built facilities will unlock your child's potential, creating extraordinary learning experiences that nurture their strengths, passions, and ambitions. In a supportive and interactive environment, our Primary students are encouraged to think independently, work collaboratively, and develop a deep respect for language and culture.


Our truly international curriculum is grounded in traditional Vietnamese values, inspiring our students to realise their aspirations and make a difference in the world beyond the classroom.

Our academic excellence