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Year 11 Mui Ne Geography Trip – 2015

This year’s geography trip was a great opportunity for our Year 11 students to put their theoretical knowledge to practice and conduct their own investigations hands-on. Even more importantly, however, it was a great chance for the group to bond, practise their English in a number of new situations thus expanding their vocabulary, and also to practise their communication, interpersonal and leadership skills – not to mention the fun element of the trip!

On the way to Mui Ne, the excitement was building up and, after checking in at the beautiful Sandhills Resort, students were briefed by Mr Cryan, and then ventured off to explore the heart of Mui Ne, conducting a tourism survey of the central area, which involved interviewing tourists and local businesses to ascertain the impact of tourism on the area. Students enjoyed the challenge of approaching visitors from all over the world to ask them questions about their perceptions of, and experiences with Mui Ne.

Afterwards, the grouped went to see the famous Mui Ne Red Sand Dunes, where Mr Cryan delivered an engaging talk about how dunes are formed, what different types of dunes can be differentiated, and how they relate to their immediate environment. It was impressive to see how much students knew about the dunes already, and how eagerly they contributed to the discussion.  After recording key information about the dunes using sketching technique, which the students learned in their geography lessons prior to the trip, the group returned to the resort. After a lively dinner, students were asked to attend an evening seminar, where they completed a number of follow-up exercises to reflect on their adventures, before enjoying some free time and making good use of the great facilities of the resort.

On the following morning, the students headed to the magical Fairy Stream to conduct a range of water-based tests, from measuring the depth and breadth of the stream to detecting the direction and speed of the flow, and followed the stream to its picturesque mouth. After lunch, students moved to the Sandhills Beach, where they were challenged by Mr Cryan to use their skills and conduct a litter survey, a vegetation analysis, a beach graduation measurement, and to engage in many other informative exercises to ensure they are able to reflect on their natural environment and relate to the topics they study in their geography lessons this year. In the evening the students participated in a de-brief seminar to consolidate their newly acquired knowledge, and celebrated the end of their trip with a great seaside barbeque, relaxing after two days of learning and exploring. Overall, it was a highly stimulating and exciting trip, and students returned to BVIS reinvigorated and full of new ideas and wonderful memories!

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