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Secondary Award Winners Term 1

House Merit Gold Award Winners (Top 5% of year group)

Year 7

  • OSTRANDER Joy Thia
  • NGUYEN Le Minh Trung
  • BUI Ngoc Anh Thu (Alice)
  • TRAN Dao Mai Anh (Sachi)
  • HUA Gia Ngoc

Year 8

  • NGUYEN Le Bao Nghi (Tina)
  • HUYNH Lien Huong (Techna)
  • TRAN Hieu Lam (Julia)
  • LE Xuan Nghi (Simon)

Year 9

  • HO Chau Anh
  • NGUYEN Le Bao Nghi (Tina)
  • HUYNH Lien Huong (Techna)
  • TRAN Hieu Lam (Julia)
  • LE Xuan Nghi (Simon)

Year 10

  • NGUYEN Le Ngoc Minh
  • HUYNH Truong Nghi (Tino)
  • HAN Trung Y (Jenny)

Year 11

  • DO Hoang Thao Vi (Katty)
  • NGUYEN Bao Ngoc (Jenny)
  • NGUYEN Hoang Anh (Anna)

Year 12

  • NGO Thanh Lam
  • NGUYEN Dang Thuc Anh (Meiji)
  • TRAN Dang Mai Khanh
  • TRAN Phuong Uyen (Sara)

Year 13

  • CHUNG Tuyet Linh
  • LAM Ngoc Yen Chi
  • NGUYEN Phu Duc
  • NGUYEN Thi Thuy Diep
  • PHAN Thai Bao An (Annie)
  • TRAN Dang Nhu Quynh
  • VO Minh Hanh

Inter-House Football Players of the Tournament


  • Phan Hoang Kieu Han
  • Nguyen Ngoc Khoa


  • Tran Linh Vy
  • Pham Ngoc Bao


  • Huynh Le Hai Thanh (Jamie)
  • Nguyen Manh Hy


  • Le Lu Gia Huy
  • Tran Thai Quang Thang

Inter-House Basketball Players of the Tournament


  • Nguyen Gia Thuy (Ivy)
  • Truong Trien Hao


  • Le Khac Hoang Anh (Silk)
  • Nguy Thien Kiet (Mark)


  • Nong Manh Vu Huy
  • Chau Tran Le Duc


  • Le Lu Gia Huy
  • Nguyen The Anh

KS3 Outstanding Student of the Term

  • HUYNH Lien Huong (Techna)

KS4 Outstanding Student of the Term

  • PHAM Minh Anh

KS5 Outstanding Contribution

  • NGUYEN Anh Phuong Nam

New Prefects 2015-16

  1. Cao Ngoc Phuong Anh, 12B
  2. Le Lu Gia Huy, 12B
  3. Chau Tran Le Anh, 12B
  4. Tran Phuong Uyen (Sara), 12 B
  5. Nguyen Ngoc Bao Chau (Anna), 12B
  6. Ngo Thanh Lam, 12V
  7. Luu Thien Bang, 12V
  8. Nguyen Minh Quan, 12V
  9. Tran Dang Mai Khanh, 12V
  10. Nguyen Le Viet Duy, 12I