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BVIS Summer School 2015 Daily update – KS3

Day 15 – July 17th: Watercraft


Day 14 – July 16th

Day 13 – July 15th: Trip to Long Hai

Day 12 – July 14th

Day 11 – July 13th

Wild Watercraft has begun!

Teams have been given limited resources to build a small watercraft to transport three of their team members across the swimming pool.

Teams are working hard to try and create the best watercraft that will survive the weight and water pressure and sail them to success.

KS3 – The Sleepover

Week three of Summer School started with ‘The Sleepover’. This was a chance for students to spend a night away from home having fun with their friends.

To start our fun packed evening we met at 6.30pm and enjoyed dinner. This was quickly followed by some fun team games outside on the field. If they weren’t tired then, we all headed to the pool for a swim and some water fun!

After that, a shower and ready for bed! This was followed by a quick snack of pizza and chicken wings then we went to the theatre to watch a scary movie.

Still not tired, the students spent some time chatting and playing games with their friends until late into the night, I must report at ‘lights out’ they were very good and fell asleep very, very quickly!

Day 10 – July 10th

KS3 – Escape Hunt Visit

What an exciting trip! KS3 arrived at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in District 3 this morning to enjoy a coffee and a chance to socialize with their friends before embarking on the world famous “Escape Hunt”.

Escape Hunt is now a top tourist attraction in many cities around the world. It’s exciting, addictive, challenging, educational and above all, fun! Voyage back 100 years in time and play the part of a famous detective solving mysteries.

Our groups were tasked with finding a murderer, a blackmailer or a kidnapper. Each team had to solve clues in a locked room, to help them find the perpetrator.

Day 9 – July 9th

Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 embarked on our first field trip of the summer on Tuesday. After a short ten minute drive we arrived in Phu My Hung, at Starbucks. We were welcomed by Ms Chi, the Marketing Manager for Starbucks Vietnam.

She talked the students through how Starbucks opened 15 stores in Vietnam in the past two years. She also spent some time to explain how Starbucks Vietnam (as a franchise) fits into the Global Operation and how they are strictly controlled by the parent organization.

The students enjoyed some complimentary ‘Frappuccinos’ and then following Ms Chi’s talk students were able to spend some time (and some money) enjoying other Starbucks products and time chatting with their friends.

This was a great opportunity for the students to socialize with their friends who they have been working with over the past week.


Year 9 & 10

Worked on creating a short infomercial for their product they created last week.

The video was scripted, recorded and edited by each team. The students worked well to design a credible product, create a storyboard to assist them with the filming and also learning to use one of the many editing programmes available. Their results were fantastic.

One of the key learnings from this task was time management as they were tasked to manage their own time ensuring that their video was completed on time. I am happy to report that nearly all teams were finished on-time.

Day 8 – July 8th

Day 7 – July 7th

Day 6 – July 6th

Day 5 – July 3rd: Friday Update

Year 9 & 10 - Cooking

The class enjoyed some practical time in the kitchen today. They were working with fresh ingredients to create a delicious dish.


We also enjoyed a class game of ‘Rounders’

The teams were boys versus girls and the result was very close…

We were having so much fun, that Mr Richard joined in, scoring a ‘rounder’ for the girl’s team.

Art – The T- Shirt Challenge

The students started working on their T Shirt to help support their brand. We have had some very imaginative designs, some real inspiration!

This is the first lesson where they were sketching their design out on to the T Shirt, in preparation for the next lesson where they will add colour, to bring their brand to life.

The students have displayed some amazing individual creativity, critical thinking skills and have worked collaboratively throughout this challenge.

Their teams (of three) focused on their strengths in these areas.


Dodgeball is a game in which players on two teams try to throw balls at each other while avoiding being hit themselves. There are many variations of the game, but generally the main objective of each team is to eliminate all members of the opposing team by hitting them with thrown balls, catching a ball thrown by a member of the opposing team, or forcing them to move outside the court boundaries when a ball is thrown at them. A fast paced, exhilarating game ensued.

Day 4 – July 2nd 

Year 9 & 10 are learning the importance of team work and that no matter how good you are as an individual, you can achieve much more as a team.

They have been focusing on the first three of the six fundamental features of teamwork.

Working on the storyboard for the ‘One Day Film Challenge’

One of the challenges the students will face is to make a short advert for a product they have created. Working in their ‘Dream Team’ where there is an equal balance of creativity, a team leader who was elected for their critical thinking skills and collaboration, they have been drafting out storyboards and scripts to use in next weeks ‘One Day Film Challenge.’

Here the students are learning how to use ‘iMovie’ through online ‘How to…’ guides.




Year 9 & 10 – Making a splash!

Swimming is a great way to stay healthy and have fun! Here you can see some photos of the Year 9 & 10 Class having fun!

Day 3 – July 1st

KS3 – Building Spgahetti Structures as a Team Challenge.

The students were given limited resources of spaghetti, marshmallows, tape and an egg.

Their challenge was to create the tallest tower, which could support the weight of an egg.  This challenge allowed them to pracise skills such as Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity.

Day 2 – Jun 30th

Day 1 – Jun 29th

Our music specialist, Miss Julia, guides her students as they learn about composition.