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ALEC Take Note of Eco Friendly Changes at BVIS

  • Alec and eco-friendly change

ALEC Take Note of Eco Friendly Changes at BVIS

Many of us have seen bags, cups, and food wrappers and other various items made from plastic. They are especially popular in Vietnam due to their cheap price and convenience.

This year, an enormous change has occurred at BVIS. The once wasteful, dull and unsustainable plastic containers have been replaced by light, colourful and 100% Eco-friendly paper food wrappers and containers.

Read on to know more about this phenomenal adaptation!

Ms Huong and her group of kitchen staff were extremely pleased with this new alternation to the Sunken Garden. "It was like a dream come true!" said Ms Huong.

She has been extremely excited to announce that more than 70% of their plastic containers have currently been replaced by cardboard or paper ones.

When being asked why she had made decision on this big change, Ms Huong replied that she had learnt that our BVIS teachers have been teaching about the importance of sustainability. She was so touched to see Ms Madeleine’s Year 2 students collect plastic cups from the Sunken garden bins, wash and reuse them for their class activities. Ms Huong added that in order to produce a cheap, convenient plastic container, many materials are needed such as petroleum, plastic, electricity, etc.

It also takes several hundreds of years for a plastic item to completely decompose. 

Not only it is Ms Huong's responsibility, it is ours as well. You can be more Eco-friendly by taking simple everyday actions, such as turning the light off after you use it, turn off your tap, reduce your usage of plastic containers and many more. We need to save our beloved earth from the grasps of the treacherous and horrific monster called global warming, and the only way to do this is to unite. One action can change our lives forever.

So what are you waiting for? Lend a hand to help protect our environment and make a change today!

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