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BVIS production: the Wizard of Oz

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On Wednesday 15th of March, I was lucky enough to see this year BVIS production, the Wizard of Oz. Honestly, it was one of the best productions I’ve ever seen. And I mean it. It was just too good! I loved every single second of the show! Everything was perfect, from the cast to the band, to the stage set-up.

The Wizard of Oz is the story about a girl name Dorothy. She entered a magical world of Oz after throwing a tantrum about how nobody cares about her. In the world of Oz, she followed the yellow brick road to meet the Wizard of Oz. He is supposedly going to help her get back to Kansas, where she originally came from. On the way, she made a lot of friends like the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion. However, she also did make an enemy: the Wicked Witch. In the end, Dorothy and her friends killed the evil witch, brought her broomstick to the Wizard of Oz and was able to get back to Kansas.

The whole cast was amazing. Every single one of them performed extraordinarily well. Especially Ky Dan, who played the Scarecrow. He really understood his character. His acting was fantastic, his singing has always been great, as is his composure. Scarecrow is quite of a wacko so for Ky Dan to be a wacko in front of a massive audience while still doing a great job is just phenomenal. And let’s not forget Rose who played Dorothy. Again, a stunning performance: she is so talented. Everyone else, too: the Tin Man, the Lion, the Wicked Witch, the good witch, the munchkins, the Ozians, the Wizard of Oz, and the list goes on and on. As I said, the whole cast was just mind-blowing.

This year, we had the honour of having teachers from BIS playing in the band with teachers from BVIS. For me, as a music lover, this was just pure awesomeness. To listen to such skilful musicians performing is a great experience. Furthermore, this shows how close both schools are. Besides, the band isn’t just the only thing that really blew me off; the sets as well. I’ve heard that the decorating team put a lot of effort into these sets and I could instantly tell in the play. Everything was produced so neatly, the backdrops, the sets, even the yellow brick road. To be honest, i thought the yellow brick road was going to be terrible. However, just a glance and I knew that I was totally wrong.

In the end, I was really satisfied. The show has smashed my expectations. My home’s in D2 so it’s a very long way from school. I got home super late. However, it was all worth it. To see all of my peers performing so magnificently is just spectacular. No words can fully describe how sensational the play was. I would like to thank everyone who was involved in the show for bringing me one the best memory of this year.

Ho Chau Kiet (9B)

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