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Parent Feedback

We are proud to say that our anonymous annual parent surveys and also regular parent feedback show that BVIS parents are very satisfied with the school and how it supports and stimulates their children’s development and achievement.

“Parents and students appreciate the opportunities the school provides and the attention the staff pays to their needs. Students and parents praised the school for the positive and supportive relationships between teachers and students and between teachers and parents” CIS Accreditation Assessment Report, January 2016

BVIS Parent Survey 2016


Our most improved features since last year:

+ The entry and admissions process was well organised (+27%)

+ We were given all relevant information that we needed when we needed it at the start (+18%)

+ Our first contact with the school was positive and welcoming (+10%)


Our parents think that:

  • 97% of parents say that the school lives up to their expectations 
  • 100% think that their first contact with the school was positive and welcoming 
  • 100% of parents stated that the entry and admissions process was well organised 
  • 96% of BVIS parents state that their child is happy at school
  • 95 % of BVIS parents believe that their child receives high quality education at the school
  • 94% of BVIS parents would recommend the school to their friends and family
  • 94% of BVIS parents think that the school provides a stimulating learning environment for their child
  • 94% of BVIS parents strongly agree that the school’s buildings and facilities are great
  • 100% of BVIS parents state that their first contact with the schools was positive and welcoming, and that the admissions process was well organised
  • 97% of BVIS parents who joined the school this year believe that BVIS has lived up to their expectations


Some statements from the Parent Survey 2016

“My daughter has joined, and is studying at, the best educational environment in the region.”

“My child loves subjects such as science, Vietnamese, history. . . As the school has an attractive method of teaching that helps children feel satisfied."

“The teachers go above and beyond to update us on his progress.”

“BVIS has many good teachers and good students, my child is very satisfied.”

“The studying environment and textbooks are very good.”

“I think BVIS provides good quality education within a clearly defined curriculum.”

“Overall the school is well organised, has a good culture, respects the children and helps develop a wide range of academic and social skills.”

”Thanks to the good teachers and continued attention shown by the teacher in charge my child wants to go to school and feels confident. Above all, my child feels that the school is a fun place so I would recommend BVIS.  I would also recommend the school for providing many opportunities to participate in various things.”

“Excellent teachers, good facilities, and a proper curriculum make children more confident, independent and fond of going to school.”

“Generally, BVIS school has a good bilingual program. I find that the school always makes every effort to seek interesting teaching methods, to prepare rich content, and to harmoniously combine the English and Vietnamese languages, helping pupils feel the closeness and commonness of both languages.  Although it is unavoidable that my child feels new to the surroundings and makes mistakes in the first year at this school, I feel satisfied with the school.”

“My child receives an excellent education from the school.”

“This is one of the schools that meets the best criteria in Vietnam at present”

“I would recommend people to have their child attend here. I have studied a lot of schools and opportunity for my children. I have chosen this school and I think I made the right choice. All I can say is trust.”

“The school has an educational system of high quality.”

“BVIS is one of the best international schools in HCMC both in terms of academics and its reputation.”

“I am satisfied with the school's teaching quality, prestige and professional working style.”

“The educational quality and teachers are good, and my child obtains good results in studying, confidence, good health, and happiness."

“The school has a good curriculum and excellent teachers.”

“The school has a curriculum of high quality and good facilities for pupils' comprehensive development.”

“It is the best bilingual school at present.”

“I am really satisfied with the team of teachers, curriculum, quality of teaching, facilities and relationship between school and my family when my child studies at BVIS. My child has become more confident, self-motivated, has a wider view of the world, and has learned a lot of new and necessary knowledge for his/her higher education. One more important point is that at BVIS my child not only has the opportunity to learn the advanced English program, but also he/she still continues learning in a Vietnamese cultural environment.”

“I have introduced and shall introduce to my relatives and friends this school. I want to share good things to them as I think that I have made the right choice for my children.”

“High quality of teachers, educational programme, preparing students for future developments in a global education environment, good care of students for health, safety and other skills.”

“I believe in the school's educational quality. My children show a good development of learning, attitude and conduct.”

“We let our children study at this school as this school is one of the international schools  that not only has good facilities but also has the best teachers and curriculum in Ho Chi Minh city in recent years.”

“I would recommend BVIS to other parents because the school was recognised by the prestigious rating agencies such as CIS, the teachers team is of high quality, the curriculum is comprehensive, pupils feel happy and joyful, the school's library is very good, and children are trained in the subjects that they take great interest in.”

“Great curriculum, great location, facilities and teachers.”

“BVIS has high-qualified teachers, the school pays a lot of attention to each student.”

“I would recommend BVIS to other parents because my child feels it is fun and is happy to go to school, my child is safe studying at BVIS, my child has made great progress in all aspects and become more confident, and because BVIS develops in a sutainable and stable way, I do not worry about having to find another school for my child in case BVIS stops operating.”

“Good system, good teachers, good facilities, fair school fees, my children are happy.”

“The curriculum is good and teaching quality is good, best ever in Vietnam.”

“I would recommend BVIS because the school has good teachers who inspire our children.”

“BVIS’ advanced teaching methods help the students become global citizens.”

“I would recommend BVIS because the school has a bilingual curriculum and high quality of teachers with a wide range of social/sport activities for children.” 

“I see that the school is creating the best learning environment in a developing country like Vietnam, and the school is a recognised by a prestigious education organisation.”

“I would recommend BVIS because it is the only bilingual programme in Vietnam that can help children speak their mother tongue fluently, and to keep their Vietnamese cultural identity, while providing children with  the knowledge and skills to integrate into the world.”


Thank You for Your Feedback Parents!

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