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Parent Feedback

We are proud to say that our anonymous annual parent surveys and also regular parent feedback show that BVIS parents are very satisfied with the school and how it supports and stimulates their children’s development and achievement.

“Parents and students appreciate the opportunities the school provides and the attention the staff pays to their needs. Students and parents praised the school for the positive and supportive relationships between teachers and students and between teachers and parents” CIS Accreditation Assessment Report, January 2016

BVIS Parent Survey 2017


Our most outstanding features in 2017

  • Our first contact with the school was positive and welcoming: 100%
  • My child is happy at school: 98%
  • The school provides a stimulating learning environment for my child: 98%

What our parents said:

  • 98% of families said that their child was happy at school
  • 97% of families said that their child feels safe at school
  • 98% of families said the school offers their child a stimulating learning environment
  • 96% of families said their child has a good relationship with their teacher
  • 97% of families said we had good classrooms for learning
  • 97% of new families joining this year said that the school has lived up to their expectations
  • 96% of families would recommend our school to someone else

Most improved

  • Satisfaction of the bus service has risen dramatically
  • Satisfaction with the range of trips and visits has risen substantially
  • The collaboration with Juilliard and new music suites have had a big impact on satisfaction in performing arts at BVIS
  • Our investment in classroom Ipads and IT provision across the school has led to high levels of satisfaction in this area

Some statements from the Parent Survey 2017

  • “Enthusiastic teachers. Good school facilities. Agree with the curriculum offered and there is a wide choice of after-school activities. My child enjoys going to school every day.”
  • “High quality of teachers, good education program, good facilities.”
  • “Very good teachers and lovely admin staff.  There is a wonderful environment for the students to feel inspired and study well in.”
  • “I notice that children are comfortable with their studying, they are more confident and enabled to grow naturally. Helps improve children's English proficiency.”
  • “Both English and Vietnamese are taught. Professional and friendly English and Vietnamese teachers.  The school has good reputation within the community and international system. Modern, functional but not too luxurious facilities.  The school's culture is highly dynamic, combining academic teaching, sports and arts education, not just heavily focusing on gaining knowledge.  Children are taught skills and knowledge to become global citizens. The students are confident and dynamic.”
  • “Together with our family, the school is the best place to support our children's all-rounded development.”
  • “A good, reputable environment for education and training in Vietnam. It is a steady foundation for to build children's independence and confidence in wider social environment.”
  • “BVIS has good education quality and I find it suitable. The children study with bilingual curriculum, developing both languages and at the same time they learn other soft skills and participate in useful after-class programs.”
  • “The curriculum matches the desire of most parents: they want their children to read, write in Vietnamese and know Vietnamese history and culture, at the same time they can enjoy international education system. They don't have to study parallel programs like other bilingual schools. For me, this is a plus for this school, because if my child studies here, he does not have to take Vietnamese high school diploma. I'm highly impressed, delighted and confident with the curriculum that my child is studying at this school. The teachers are competent and give accurate assessment to their students' abilities.  In my personal opinion, BVIS is one of the best bilingual schools that you should send your child to.”
  • “Because I'm happy and appreciate the following school's strengths:  1- Strict discipline, no discrimination among pupils, everyone is equal.  2- Effective, highly applicable and social curriculum that encourage pupils' independence and innovation.  3- Friendly and attentive staff and teachers, they care for pupils as if they were their own children, but the adults don't treat them like God (I know some International schools spoil their pupils, treating them like profitable customers, thus their discipline is not strict enough).”
  • “The school offers full education, not only academic knowledge, but also arts and sports. Its pupils will be the ambassadors to represent BVIS. My friends are impressed with my child's achievements (she studies well, plays sports, participates in school musicals...).”
  • “This school takes education seriously. It has competent and dedicated teachers. The school communicates frequently with parents and give straightforward feedback to students. The school works with parents to provide good and timely support to students.”
  • “I like the British formal style in communication and education. They are polite and proper with good principles and disciplines. They focus on personal development, on building knowledge and skills in science, literature, laws, etc.    Competent, devoted, patient teachers who understand each student like a psychologist and help correct their behaviours. The teachers are fair, sensible and attentive to their students. They assist children at risk to catch up and get along with the rest.    Modern facilities, environmental friendly, security, strict discipline”

Thank You for Your Feedback Parents!

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