• Distinctly Different

    We offer a distinctly different option from other private schools in Boston, providing your child with the opportunity for a high level of academic success.

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  • Globally Recognized Curricula

    Our combination of curricula is regarded as one of the finest in the world by leading colleges and universities.

    World Class Learning

  • Nurturing Risk In A Safe Environment

    We celebrate success and encourage risk taking, all within a safe and supportive environment where well-being comes first.

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  • Inspiring Every Child

    Our staff are dedicated to knowing every child well and adapting their approach to ensure all are successful.

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  • Join Our Community

    We are the school of choice for discerning parents who seek a genuine 21st century education for their children. Join us.

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  • The BISB Bulldog Sports Teams

    Go Bulldogs!

    Fall Family Fair at the British International School of Boston

  • Tell Us About Your Child

    Every chld is unique. Tell us about your child and we'll explain how we can help them be successful and happy.

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  • Inspiring Innovation

    We're bringing the national computer programming, Hour of Code, to our school.

    Coding lessons at the British International School of Boston

Meaghan Colerick

Administrative Coordinator

I have worked in the mental health field for about nine years, from my first internship in college to the very recent past.  These positions ranged from counselling, behavioural, and mental health interventions, to working as a teaching assistant at a therapeutic high school.  I loved the opportunity to work with so many different students and help them create plans and goals for their education, as well as their future lives.

I chose to come to BISB for an opportunity to work with students in a different way, but still be able to help them achieve their goals in education.

what makes this school different

It’s such a unique opportunity to work at a school were students from many countries come together to receive an international education.  All the staff and students that I’ve met have been excited about learning. The students get a chance to interact with other age groups and expand their knowledge in different ways.

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