During these Early Years that span our Toddler, Nursery (Preschool), and Reception (Pre-Kindergarten) classes at British International School of Boston, your child will grow in outstanding ways. Our youngest learners thrive as they learn through structured and unstructured play activities, both indoors and outdoors, that stimulate their growth in many ways. Our teachers nurture and guide your child to build their confidence and discover the world. At this stage, we lay the foundation for their personal and academic success in an internationally mindful context.
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Early Years Learning at BISB

During the Early Years at British International School of Boston, our teachers focus on developing our young students’ love for learning, encouraging them to be active participants in their learning journey. Understanding that each young student has their own unique set of needs, abilities, and talents, we especially help your child build their critical thinking, creativity, and interpersonal skills throughout our program. 

As a private, independent school, we’re proud to follow the British “Early Years Foundation Stage” (EYFS) curriculum that’s part of the National Curriculum of England, as well as the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC).


An Overview of Our Early Years Curricula

The overarching structure of British International School of Boston’s program for these age groups is determined by the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum, which includes the following seven areas of focus:


We complement these seven areas of focus with exciting experiences that follow themes and topics of learning under the Early Years Curriculum. For example, some of the IEYC’s themes include "People Who Help Us," "Animals," or "Changes and Growing." The IEYC has been designed with an awareness of children's brain development and helps your child make connections between areas of their learning, like early literacy and numeracy skills, as they discover the world.

Below, we’ve outlined our curriculum guides for Toddlers, Nursery, and Prekindergarten/Reception stages. For an in-depth look, we encourage you to also download our Curriculum Guide PDF at the bottom of this page.


Our Toddler Curriculum Guide









Nursery (Preschool) Curriculum Guide







Our Reception (Pre-K) Curriculum Guide








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Download our Curriculum Guide for Toddlers, Nursery (Preschool), and Reception (Prekindergarten).

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By following globally respected curricula designed for customization, we can support and stretch your child in the best possible ways for their personal success. No matter where your child begins in their journey, we empower them with their strengths and nurture their areas of growth.

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