11 to 13 YEARS OLD


At British International School of Boston, our private Middle School explores a broad and balanced curriculum that exposes students to a wide range of subjects and skills. Spanning Years 7–9 (Grades 6–8), during these three years, our students build their skills throughout their subjects and our unique enrichment program. From our vibrant home base in Boston, Massachusetts, our Middle Schoolers also connect with the world through many international opportunities that get them ready for success in a global environment.

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An Introduction to Our Middle School in Boston

Our Middle School follows the National Curriculum of England, which provides the ideal way for guiding your child forward. Your child's growing adolescent brain deserves a special approach, and we offer the right balance between honoring their independence and guiding them where they need support. 

Our Academic Rigor and Subjects of Study

Our talented teachers will guide your child through a broad range of subject areas, setting individualized goals and carefully tracking their progress. 

Your child will study:

The depth of study in each area ensures that your child will build a solid foundation for the rigor of the IGCSE and IB programs of our High School. 

Our Enrichment Program at British International School of Boston

Our Middle School Enrichment Program takes place weekly, in an afternoon session, for a six-week-long run. This is a great opportunity for students to step away from the formal academic curriculum and pursue their passions and interests.

In preparation for the IB Core element known as “Creativity, Activity, and Service” (CAS), we ensure all activities link to the three themes of CAS in a way that’s personally fulfilling to each student. Examples of enrichment activities have included STEAM Club (including numerous visits to MIT to work with their talented faculty and university students), “Couch to 5K,” Karate, song writing, service learning, dance, chamber music, sports media, and much more.


Supporting Your Child

The Middle School years are an exciting time that deserve special attention. We provide it. Mentors touch base with students daily, so your child can navigate comfortably through the challenges of adolescent life.

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By following globally respected curricula designed for customization, we can support and stretch your child in the best possible ways for their personal success. No matter where your child begins in their journey, we empower them with their strengths and nurture their areas of growth.

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