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Creative Writing Competition

"Placeburg" by Saul Arnow

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Perfect. That’s how I would describe this place. Although it is only a figment of my imagination, I think it would be stupendous if it existed. Would you like me to show you?

The sonorous voice of the wind floats through the labyrinth of homes that make up Placeburg. Birds utter soothing songs that create a calming atmosphere that reverberates throughout the village. The gargantuan mountains tower over you like inactive sentinels whilst the rustic cottages that are dwarfed by the peaks, huddle together in erratic circles. The rocky homes look crudely built however they have a subtle finesse that radiates mystery from another time. The never-ending vines invade every crevice like an epidemic of greenery, leaving no miniscule recess or tiny crack unscathed. Normally overlooked, the rushing river has a barely perceivable green tint that enhances the river’s lustrous appearance. The enormous forest surrounds the town in a veil of secrecy. Hiking through the forest is extremely exhilarating; for it is only partially mapped. Many fanciful creatures roam the forest and some can be malicious or hostile if provoked notwithstanding no one has ever been badly harmed. A breathtaking view is provided, at the top of a seemingly immeasurable tower, that looks down on the bustling city below. From the top of the tower everything looks like a giant toy box where anything can happen. A delectable variety of aromas greets your nostrils immersing you further into the area.

All of the inhabitants are very amiable nevertheless no one is perfect; they have some unique customs. For example when they greet someone they casually extend their arm whilst simultaneously lowering their thumb and little finger. The people there all wear a varying assortment of clothes that are scented with jasmine ranging from gilded shirts to weather-beaten trousers. The locals enjoy a bucolic life preferring to live of the land and live reclusive lives nonetheless they won’t shun or ignore visitors; in fact they welcome them with open arms. The locals live similarly to Amish people enjoying the smaller things in life because those moments make them blissful.

All humans must eat and the Placeburgians are no exception. They enjoy a dazzling array of food from all over the world – ranging from tantalizing takeout to enticing entrees. Most meals consist of an amazing appetizer, an exquisite entrée and a delicious desert. The appetizers are normally made of a simple dish such as bread that is kneaded constantly until it resembles a mound of white gum or a tiny bowl of perfectly seasoned chips accompanied by creamy salsa. Entrees are almost always a variation of a cheeseburger known as Sumee that incorporates almost any ingredient consequently there are hundreds of special recipes. Finally there is Renco; certain people compare it to heavenly ice cream, conversely, others believe it is similar to cream.

In conclusion although this place is fictional it lives on in my imagination because of its relaxing atmosphere, breathtaking views, charitable inhabitants and delightful food. If only the world was like Placeburg.