Age 15 months to 36 months



At BISC-LP, our youngest children are introduced to education right from the beginning. In a safe, nurturing environment they’ll be gently eased into learning through sensory exploration, play-based lessons, exciting classrooms, and a focus on emotional and social development. 
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Pre-nursery curriculum

Our Pre-Nursery building was designed to support a smooth start to school, with classes benefitting from exceptional adult-to-child ratios. Carefully designed by professional early years educators, our Pre-Nursery program sets the foundation for future success through specialist lessons, and foundational academic skills from fine motor skills to phonics.



Our toddler classrooms are specifically designed to meet the needs of children aged 15-23 months. We have created a nurturing environment to develop their motor skills, along with a focus on social and emotional development, making sure they are comfortable and happy in what may be their first school setting. We provide opportunities for sensory exploration and pride ourselves on creating a bespoke schedule for each and every child.



These programs are specifically designed to meet the needs of children aged 24-36 months. We have created a safe and secure environment that offers chances for independence, exploration, and play-based learning. These classrooms are divided into a variety of interest areas and includes a multi-level play structure that is perfect for our younger children who enjoy exploring, being active, or finding a cozy corner to read a book. We have custom-built bathrooms attached to each classroom for easy access, which can support children with their diapering and/or potty-training needs.


Young threes

Our Young threes classroom is specifically designed to meet the needs of children turning three years old during the Autumn and early Spring terms of their Pre-Nursery year. The program offers many of the same aspects as our two-year old program, but has been adapted to meet the needs of slightly older children to further inspire and challenge them. Those that are potty-trained will be encouraged to use the bathroom, attached to the classroom, independently.


Our adult to children ratios

Each classroom has 1 lead teacher and 2 learning assistants. Additionally, one of our 3 assistant directors supports each classroom.

Our adult-to-child ratios meet or exceed the standards set out by the DCFS:

15+ Month (Toddlers): 1:4 adult-to child ratio; maximum of 10 students enrolled each day,
24+ Months (Two-Year-Olds): 1:5 adult-to-child ratio; maximum of 16 students enrolled each day,
28 -36+ Months (Young Threes): 1:5 adult-to-child ratio; maximum of 16 students enrolled each day.


Learning observations

Our staff use an online interactive learning journal to record daily video and photo observations of your child’s learning. Parents can also contribute observations from home, which we love to celebrate at school. Through this portal, we send home a daily report sheet that details your child’s sleeping and toileting routines, as well as describing key activities for the day


At BISC-LP, we offer a truly global experience with outstanding teachers and exceptional educational opportunities. We give your child the unbeatable education and experiences they need to create a successful future

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