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  • Esther Hunter 2016

    Esther Hunter

    Early Years Leader, Nursery Teacher Part Time

    Esther Hunter

    I came to Chicago in 2015 and have loved every minute of life at BISC Lincoln Park! My specialism is Early Years education, and I have really enjoyed watching the children grow and develop over the year and seeing the remodeled learning environment mature into the enabling, interesting space it is today. I am passionate about high-quality, language-rich learning experiences for our children, and I believe we deliver this and much more in our classrooms and all-weather physical development area. At BISC Lincoln Park, we engage our youngest children in an enquiry based curriculum where learning is investigative and motivating. I have worked in Early Years education for 14 years, and every year is a new experience. In my first year here at Lincoln Park, I have appreciated leading a great team of professionals and I am very excited about the year to come. We will be building and extending on the excellent work, which has taken place this year to ensure that we are, as always, ambitious for all of our students.

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  • Fiona Donnellan 2016

    Fiona Donnellan-Skinner

    Nursery Teacher, Part Time

    Fiona Donnellan-Skinner

    My name is Fiona Donnellan-Skinner. I have grown up in Chiswick in West London. I have worked in a West London School for 5 years where I have been working in Reception. In my second year, I began to lead ICT where I developed the school website and use of a Virtual Learning Platform. My ICT leadership led to joining the middle management team for 3 years as well as leading Reception for one year.

    Music has always been a big part of my life. I worked in a range of schools teaching the Key Stage 2 Wider Opportunities Programme where I taught the violin, clarinet and guitar. In 2016, I have also supported the development of the Mini-Music Makers program for students aged 4-5 years old. It is an opportunity for students to make music through singing and playing instruments, which leads to introducing stringed instruments and eventually becomes the focus of musical learning for each child.

    I am a committed and enthusiastic teacher who believes in inspiring students to become life-long learners and develop skills to best equip them for successful lives now and in the future. I believe that it is important for students to be happy and secure in their learning environments because they are more likely to achieve their potential. It is important for have high expectations of my students, as I want them to believe in themselves as well as encouraging fantastic attitude towards their learning.

    Chicago is a vibrant city, and it was an unmissable opportunity to work here. I am excited and looking forward to the adventure ahead.

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  • Amy Newman 2016

    Amy Newman

    Nursery Teacher Full Time

    Amy Newman

    I am from a beautiful city in the south west of England, Salisbury. I attended the University of Plymouth, Rolle College in Devon where I undertook my teaching degree. After I graduated with my qualified teacher status I moved the East London to teach in the Borough of Newham. I loved getting to work with such a diverse community of people, learning about different cultures, languages and traditions. Moving to the USA has allowed me to continue this interest as I really enjoy travelling to different parts of the country. Chicago is a city I find rich in diversity and I really enjoy exploring the different neighborhoods and trying the different cultures of food around the city!

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  • Lucy Townsend 2016

    Lucy Townsend

    Nursery Teacher, Full Time

    Lucy Townsend

    I am from London, and this is where I earned my teaching degree after studying in York and gaining a degree in English Literature and American studies. After obtaining my degree in London,  I then went on to teach in an early years setting in both nursery and reception. I have now spent the past two years with Nord Anglia Education, teaching in Dubai. Although I have never been to Chicago, I have spent a fair amount of time in the States, and I am very excited to discover what the city has to offer.

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  • Judith Martinez 2016

    Judith Martinez

    Learning Assistant for Ms. Hunter

    Judith Martinez

    I was born in Mexico but raised in Chicago, IL. One of the things I love about Chicago are summer night. I enjoy long walks by the lake and family gatherings that involve scrumptious food!

    I believe that learning should be personalized to each student. Children look different from one another...children act different from one another...and children think different from one another. It is our differences that make us who we are, and it is OUR style of learning that make us unique.


    • Universities Attended: Loyola University
    • Degrees Earned: Bachelor's Degree

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  • Sarah Wahlen

    Sarah Wahlen

    Learning Assistant for Ms. Newman

    Sarah Wahlen

    I grew up in Saint John, Indiana and just moved here to Chicago. I've always loved Chicago because it is so beautiful and seems to have endless opportunities for new experiences. I believe that unique and global opportunities enhance every student's learning experience. I was lucky enough to study abroad in college and learned so much. It is wonderful that students have the opportunity to learn about these things at such a young age.

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  • Chelsea Hale

    Chelsea Hale

    Learning Assistant for Ms. Townsend

    Chelsea Hale

    I am from Naperville, IL, I am currently studying to become a teacher and I love to do arts and crafts!

    I believe there is no limit to what every student can achieve because learning can be endless. As a student learns more, he or she is capable of accomplishing more. As long as the motivation and support are there, anything is possible!


    • Universities Attended: DePaul University
    • Degrees Earned: Bachelors of Science in Biology

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  • Saajidah Patel

    Saajidah Patel

    Learning Assistant for Fiona Donnellan

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