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    The expansive landscaped campus of Léman International School – Chengdu is nestled amid lush fields and gardens at the foot of Chengdu’s hills.

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  • Student Life at LIS

    Students will uncover talents, abilities and discover new interests and carry them throughout their lives.


  • Experienced and Talented Team

    Our experienced and talented team of professionals is a critical component of our success as a truly outstanding learning institution.


  • Personal Growth

    At Léman we believe the only measure that matters is that of your child’s academic and personal growth.


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    Léman International School - Chengdu is the premier international school in southwestern China, serving students from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12.


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    Find out the latest news from our family.


The Léman Approach

At Léman we believe the only measure that matters is that of your child’s academic and personal growth. We want your child to develop a platform for success throughout life.

Our approach ensures that each student is successful, both academically and socially. We study our students when they join our school. Then we develop a Personalized Learning Plan for each student and use proven, best-practice teaching methods to help him or her achieve the goals of the plan.

Finally, we measure each child’s progress, so we can adjust the plan if needed. All of our teachers and administrators work collaboratively so we understand every aspect of a child’s individual learning style, interests and opportunities for growth.

Fast Growth Through Personalized Instruction

With targeted, personalized instruction our students grow quickly. They are able to explore their unique interests and talents, and teachers expose them to new ideas and activities.

Our approach is rooted in:

  • Best practice teaching methods, including differentiated instruction, higher-order reasoning, consistent introduction of vocabulary and daily lesson refinement
  • World-class teachers working in a collaborative environment supported by comprehensive professional development
  • Highly individualized instruction guided by Personal Learning Plans
  • College guidance beginning in the 6th grade
  • Exciting extra-curricular programming and international learning opportunities

The Three Curricula Model

There are three curricula operating simultaneously as part of the learning experience of all students. Each curriculum is equally important in the context of K to 12 learning.  However, it is also recognised that the emphasis in terms of time and learning resources varies over time.

Academic Curriculum

This is the traditional definition of curriculum. As such, it reflects the well established and understood notion that learning can be organised into patterns, usually referred to as subjects.

The school’s curriculum reflects this understanding. What we accept is that the emphasis in academic learning increases as students get older. The first step is to have all the tools of learning.  This is the Process Curriculum.

Process Curriculum

The school identifies all the learning processes that students need. We then teach the specific skills and processes that reflect these learning processes.

All of these skills and processes are independent of specific subjects and applicable to all subjects. The difference is that instead of allowing this to be a random process reflective of excellent teachers, we guarantee that all students are involved and armed with the skills they need.

This the foundation of all learning, at all ages. The emphasis on learning processes is highest in the early years of schooling and as they are consolidated the ability of students to be successful academically is strengthened. 

Personal & Social Curriculum

We value the importance of supporting the whole child by focusing on academic learning, learning skills development and personal, social and emotional growth.

Without the social and emotional foundation, learning is problematic.  Students are shaped by their experience in social settings.  The curriculum is designed to support each student to develop the skills to function as well as resilience to deal with changing circumstances.

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