At LIS Chengdu, our tuition fees are in line with our commitment to provide the finest international educational experience available for our students. Our fees reflect the exceptional personalised education we offer, including our state-of-the-art facilities, stimulating learning environments, and high-quality teachers.
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TUITION AND FEES – 2023/ 2024
Class/Grade (UK) Class/Grade
Child Born Between Age on 30 September Price Per Year (RMB)
Pre-Nursery Foundation 01/10/2020 - 30/09/2021 2 153,000
Nursery Pre-Kindergarten 01/10/2019 - 30/09/2020 3 153,000
Reception Junior Kindergarten 01/10/2018 - 30/09/2019 4 182,500
Year 1 Senior Kindergarten 01/10/2017 - 30/09/2018 5 196,200
Year 2 Grade 1 01/10/2016 - 30/09/2017 6 246,900
Year 3 Grade 2 01/10/2015 - 30/09/2016 7 246,900
Year 4 Grade 3 01/10/2014 - 30/09/2015 8 246,900
Year 5 Grade 4 01/10/2013 - 30/09/2014 9 246,900
Year 6 Grade 5 01/10/2012 - 30/09/2013 10 246,900
Year 7 Grade 6 01/10/2011 - 30/09/2012 11 255,900
Year 8 Grade 7 01/10/2010 - 30/09/2011 12 255,900
Year 9 Grade 8 01/10/2009 - 30/09/2008 13 255,900
Year 10 Grade 9 01/10/2006 - 30/09/2007 14 255,900
Year 11 Grade 10 01/10/2007 - 30/09/2006 15 255,900
Year 12 Grade 11 01/10/2006 - 30/09/2005 16 259,900
Year 13 Grade 12 01/10/2005 - 30/09/2006 17 259,900


LIS Chengdu International Tuition and School Fees

All fees are quoted in RMB and include the following items:


  • Important Notices
    • Payment can be credited to our bank account via electronic/bank transfer. However, cash payments can only be made using Chinese currency (RMB). If you choose to use an electronic/bank transfer, a copy of the bank remittance, together with the child’s name and year group should be forwarded to our office. Conversion from USD to RMB will be based on the selling exchange rate of the first working day of the month the invoice was issued, as published by the Bank of China.
    • The finance department will only accept debit cards payment. No credit card will be accepted.
    • Parents wanting to pay by USD should consult with the finance office and get a US dollar tuition invoice before making the bank transaction.
    • Official Fapiao is available upon parents’ request as subject to providing appropriate information. Otherwise, the Fapiao will be issued under the student’s name and can’t be changed.
    • 60 days’ notice of withdrawal in writing must be given or 60 days’ fees will be payable in lieu of notice. Parents must ensure that written acknowledgement is received from the school following notice of withdrawal.


    Refund Conditions for the 2021-22 School Year

    • Before 31 May 2021 – Full refund
    • Between 1 June and 1 July 2021 – Full refund less the deposit of 20,000RMB
    • Between 1 July and 17 August 2021 – Full refund less 25,000RMB
    • Leaving in the middle of the academic year – 60 days’ notice of withdrawal in writing must be given to admissions office. The tuition fee will be charged as below.
    • All tuition refunds shall be processed before 31 July 2022.



    Departure before or on last day of Term 1

    Departure after last day of Term 1 and before/on last day of Term 2

    Departure after last day of Term 2

    Tuition fee charge

    Charge of 50% of the annual fee

    Charge of 80% of the annual fee

    Charge of 100% of the annual fee

  • Lunch Service default title

    Léman International School Chengdu (LIS) has contracted lunch services to Chartwells. Chartwells is part of the Compass group, which provides food services worldwide, including other Nord Anglia schools.

    LIS's cafeteria provides a full lunch meal to students daily. It aims to provide nutritious and balanced meals for our students of different age groups.


    Lunch Fee Payment Method

    School lunch fees are payable directly to the School Lunch Provider and loaded onto the lunch card. Payment can be made by:

    • Cash / Debit Card / Wechat
    • Bank transfer to the below bank account


    Please contact the school cafeteria by manager.lemanschool@compass-group.com.cn for the lunch payment.

  • Other Fees Payable default title

    Application Fee 2,500 RMB

    (New Student Only)

    This is a non-refundable fee required with every application submitted.

    Enrollment Deposit 20,000 RMB

    (New Student Only)

    Payable on acceptance of place in school. A place in school will not be guaranteed until the fee is paid. The RMB 20,000 deposit will be credited against the next term’s tuition fees.

    Re-enrollment Deposit

    (Returning Student Only)

    Payable by May 30 each year to guarantee a place for the following school year. This deposit will be credited against the next school term’s tuition fee.

    School Uniform 2,500RMB

    (Yearly Estimate)

    All students are required to wear uniform and school P.E. kit to school.

    Annual Residential Trip Fees

    Year 5 – Year 12

    The trips will be thematic and there will be different options provided by the school including campus-based options.

    School Lunch Fee


    Card fee: 20 RMB. The lunch card is kept by the classroom teacher for Nursery to Year 2 students. Year 3 to 13 students will be responsible for their own card.

    Pre-Nursery to Year 7

    RMB 30.00

    Year 8 to 13

    RMB 32.00

    Optional After school clubs

    Parents have a choice of free after school clubs and paid options provided by outside professionals.

    Special SEN Support Fee

    Fees for additional special SEN support are dependent on the needs of the individual student.

    Laptop & Calculator

    A laptop is expected for Year 7-13 and the Ti-Nspire graphing calculator is expected for Year 10-13. A TI-Nspire equipped with Computer algebra systems (CAS) is not allowed.

  • Payment Dates

    You have the option to pay annually or in two instalments every school year. Please note that full annual fee or instalment shall be received within 30 days after the tuition invoice is issued.  1.5% interest on the second instalment is payable with the first instalment. Students may only attend school if fees have been paid. Overdue payments will incur a penalty of 5% surcharge on the outstanding balance of the amount due.


    Late Enrolment

    If a student is enrolled into the school after 1st October, the tuition fee will be charged by prorated school days, but with a minimum of 10% of the annual fee. For students enrolled after 30th December, the tuition should be paid in one full payment.


    School Bank Details



    For RMB

    For USD

    Beneficiary Name



    Bank Name

    Standard Chartered Bank (China) Limited Chengdu Branch

    Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Chengdu Zhi Quan Branch

    Account Number

    5015 1101 6960

    440220 50191402 03896

    Bank Address

    Unit 1,7-10,18F, Tower 1,18F,Tower 1, IFS, No.1, Section 3, Hongxing Rd, Jinjiang District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China 610021 

    No.103, Section 5, Eastern 1st Ring Road, Chengdu, China 

    Swift Code




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