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Thursday Club Options

SK            Handicrafts with Ms. Luvini in room C101

Calling Young Artist!

In Handicraft club you will be able to use your imagination to decorate different handicrafts.

Each week children will get to bring home a unique craft they have made. Some of the things we will make include:  photo frames, bags to paint and decorate , and collage work.

SK – 1      Animal Dancing & Drawing club with Ms. Leslie in room D110

Do you like animals, drawing, dancing, and singing? Come to the Animal Dancing & Drawing club! We can sing and dance like cute animals and draw beautiful pictures.

SK – 2      Having Fun with Coloured Pencils with Ms. Bree in room E203

Imaginative artist, Come and Join us!

SK – 2      Fun Soccer with Mr. Paul on the upper pitch

Come and enjoy playing with your friends. Practice your skills and show off your moves with your friends and classmates.

G1 – 3       Bead Crafts for Beginners with Ms. Maude in room C103

Fun craft activities with beads, pipe cleaners, gluing, art work, different bits and bobs.

SK – 2       Outdoor Fun & Games with Mr. Richard on the upper pitch

Come and join your friends and play a variety of outdoor games on the soccer pitch!

G1 – 12     Card making Club with Ms. Rowling in room C306

Would you like to make some birthday cards by your own hands? They can be whatever you’d like them to be. We provide many beautiful& amazing decorations, just bring your ideas and patience, make some cards for yourself, your family, your teachers and your friends!!!

G2 – 3      Applique Club with Ms Melissa Li in room D211

We will use felt, beads, thread and needle to make something fabulous. You will have some hands-on experience in Applique club.

G2 – 3      Origami Club with Ms. Judy in room C202

Origami - Gymnastics for your fingers and meditation for you mind!

Come and join in our Origami club to boost your brain health and explore all the fun through the papers.

G2 – 3      Oil Painting with Ms. CiCi in room C203

We will use oil paints to color the pictures. You can take your picture home at the end of this club season.

G2 – 5      Bookmark Design & Crafts with Ms. Betty in room C205

We use color paper, scissors, marker pen and glue stick to design and make beautiful bookmarks such as birthday cake, watermelon, cupcake, ice-creams and even the cartoon characters. You can send it to your friends or relatives as a gift or use the bookmarks by yourself.

G2 – 12     * CISA Cross Country Team Training for boys & girls* with Mr. Johnny, Ms. Kirsty & Ms. Steph on the track

If you sign up for this Team you must:

  • Sign up for both Tuesday and Thursday and attend all practices,
  • be able to run in the CISA meet on 14 November!
  • Be serious about learning/ practicing Cross Country running,
  • You must not have turned 19 as of 1 Sept., 2017 and must at least be in grade 2.

(you may be asked to run in the ACAMIS meet in Suzhou on 10 12 November)

G3 – 4      Sweet treats Cooking club with Ms. Katie in the Student Kitchen

Do you like eating cookies?  Do you like eating sweet, yummy treats? If yes, then come to this club and Mrs. Pass will show and help you to make your own mouth-watering snacks.

You do not have to have had any experience, just show up and have some fun making biscuits, cupcakes and other delicious treats.

G3 – 5      Table Tennis with Ms. Kara in the Table Tennis room

This club is open to all skill levels. Come and enjoy table tennis, challenge yourself, and your friends.

G3 – 5      * U11 Soccer team training for boys & girls*with Ms. Jane, Mr. Ryan, Ms. Chloe and Ms. Cheryl on the upper Soccer pitch

If you sign up for this Team you must:

  • Sign up for both Tuesday and Thursday and attend all practices,
  • be able to play in the CISA tournament on 14 October!
  • Be serious about learning/ practicing soccer,
  • You must not have turned 11 as of 1 Sept., 2017 and must at least be in grade 3.

G3 – 12     Cool Knitting & Crochet with Mr. Stephen D in the Art room

Impress your friends and make cool things from wool! You will learn to knit or crochet to make hats, scarfs and cool stuff to wear or give away as gifts! Or we can make squares to make a rug to give to charity.

G3 – 12     Board in School – Board Games Club with Ms. Jenny in room TBA

"The board game club will bring to you the chance of enjoying all different sort of board games! 

From old Classics to new favorites there will be fun for everyone! 

Please be aware that places are limited so join quickly! Don’t miss your chance! "

G5 – 12     Dance club with Mr. Ben in room D212

Come learn to dance like nobody is watching…..until they actually are! In this class we will learn traditional and modern jazz steps, but also to learn dance choreography. Whether you are a beginner, or have lots of dance experience, there will be something new to learn.

G6 – 12     Zumba Dance club with Ms. Victoria in the dance studio

Shake, wiggle, move and groove.  Dance to music from around the world.  Learn dance move from cultures around the world from cumbia to salsa and all that’s in between.

G6 – 12      Environment Club with Ms. Elaine in room E101

The aim of the club is to improve some part of Leman’s environment.

Our first project will be to make the wild hill/ cross country trail area behind the school a nicer place to visit. Activities may include removing debris in the forest, trimming plants, doing trail maintenance, etc.

This is a very worthwhile aim to be involved in, so sign up now.

G6 – 12      Badminton with Mr. Rence in the gym

Enjoy fun friendly badminton matches for all students of all skill levels. Learn some techniques and strategies in playing badminton while having fun and getting good exercise. It will also allow you to connect with other students in different grades. Come and play!

G8 – 12      Weight Training with Mr. Johnathon in the fitness room

Improve your fitness, get stronger and build muscle in the weights room.  You’ll do high intensity workouts, interval training and weight lifting.  It’s fun and competitive.

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