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    Léman International School - Chengdu is the premier international school in southwestern China, serving students from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12.


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Thursday Club Options

SK – G1      Amazing Pictures Club with Ms. Melissa Li in room D211

It is a club that you can make a wonderful picture without pen, it is amazing!

SK – G2      Playdough Creations with Ms. Jane in room D111

Learn to make your own Playdough and have fun as you squish, mold and sculpt your own creations in this playful club!

SK – G2      Fun Soccer with Mr. Paul on the upper soccer pitch      

The children will practice some basic skills of soccer such as; how to kick a ball properly, close control, using your weaker foot to pass and shoot, and basic rules. They will be split up into smaller groups for mini games to develop game awareness, spatial awareness and positioning.

SK – G2      Stir Crazy Cooking Club with Ms. Lauren in the Student Kitchen

Come and make snacks from cakes, dips and biscuits. The last week we finish with a party!

G1 – G12     Card Making with Ms. Rowling in room C306

Would you like to make some birthday cards by your own hands? They can be whatever you’d like them to be. We provide many beautiful& amazing decorations just bring your ideas and patience, make some cards for yourself, your family, your teachers and your friends!!!

G1 – G12     Chess Club with Mr. Ben in room D212

Come learn to play the game of kings and queens! For 100s of years, chess has been played by people all over the world. It’s a game of strategy unlike any other. Whether you are a complete beginner or would like to practice improving your chess skills, chess club is for you. CISA Chess is December 5, so if you are interested in participating this is a great chance to sharpen your chess skills!

G2 – G4       Colour Pencil Club with Ms. Bree in room E202

Let’s have fun with coloured pencils.

G2 – G4        Origami Club with Ms. Judy Li in room C202

“Origami is not just an Art, but also the Gymnastics for your fingers and Meditation for your mind!” Join us to witness how to transform a flat sheet of paper into lots of 3 Dimensional objects (strawberries, roses, chairs, tables, dresses, umbrellas, animals and so on) by folding and sculpting techniques.

Join us to explore and discover what your fingers can create and to see how nimble your fingers are!

G2 – G5        Bookmark Design & Crafts club with Ms. Betty in room C205

We use color paper, scissors, marker pen and glue stick to design and make beautiful bookmarks such as birthday cake, watermelon, cupcake, ice-creams, monster, mouse and even the cartoon characters. You can send it to your friends or relatives as a gift or use the bookmarks by yourself.

G3 – G5         Watercolour Painting Club with Ms. Kara in room E201

Learn some techniques of watercolor painting. Enjoy the art of watercolor painting. Express your idea and passion with watercolor.

G3 – G5         Readers’ Club with Ms. Ashlee in the Library

If you like to read or want to develop a good reading habit, come join us!

G3 – G7         Graphic Novel/ Cartoons with Ms. Elaine in room F210

Students who enjoy writing stories can combine art and literature by producing their own graphic novel.  Good drawing skills are not important. Ideas and imagination are all that is required.

G3 – G12        Cool Knitting & Crochet with Mr. Stephen D in the Art room

Impress your friends and make cool things from wool! You will learn to knit or crochet to make hats, scarfs and cool stuff to wear or give away as gifts! Or we can make squares to make a rug to give to charity.

G4 – G5         Table Tennis with Ms. Silvia Z in the ping pong room

G5 – G10       DIY with Cloth with Ms. Ivy in room F211

DIY purse, cards, notebooks and small decorative items with cloth and needle

G6 – G12       K-Pop with Ms. Katherine in room E203

Learn K-Pop (Korean Popular Music) and learn Korean!

G6 – G12        Learn how to type with Ms. Simone in room F110

In this club you will greatly improve your typing skills! You will double your typing speed and accuracy and be able to type without looking at the keyboard. For this club you need concentration and perseverance. Bring your own pc. If you can type faster than Ms Simone at the end of the club, you will get a prize!

G6 – G12         HIIT (High Intensity Workout Training with Ms. Allerie in the Dance Studio

“If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus; and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.” – Bruce Lee

Go beyond your current condition. Take your workout to the next level and do a high intensity interval training workout each Tuesday.

G6 – G12        Ultimate Frisbee with Mr. Rence on the lower Soccer pitch

Come out and enjoy a great, fast paced and skillful game of Ultimate with your friends. All skill levels are welcome!

G6 – G12        Strength Training with Mr. Jonathan W in the Fitness room

Learn challenging bodyweight movements and get strong.  You will learn, but probably not achieve the progressions needed to move from wall-pushups, to a 1-arm pushup and from headstands to 1-arm handstand pushups.

G8 – G12        Book Club with Ms. Katie in room F212

Book club is an opportunity to read for pleasure!  Bring your books, your kindles and enjoy the time reading and sharing with others.

G8 – G12        Set Construction & 3D Modeling with Mr. Chris Parnell in the Project room

Use 3D modeling to design a Theatrical set. Build a scale model of the set for potential future construction. The next session of club will be set construction. Desire to design and build a model with functions and detail. Using Google Sketch-Up and on-line resources.

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