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Tuesday club options

SK               Board Games with Ms. Luvini in room C101

Have fun learning new board games to play with your friends.  Each week, one new board game will be introduced.  Who will be the champion game-master after all eight weeks?  Join in to find out.

SK – 1        Ballet Basics with Ms. Katherine Hwang in the Dance Studio

Ballet can develop physical skills, Strength and endurance. Ballet can improve emotional stability and creative expression.

Welcome! Let’s dance together!

SK – 1        Stir Crazy Cooking with Ms. Lauren in the student kitchen

We will cook healthy delicious snacks and food for school and home. Come along for fun and tasty food. At the conclusion of the club we will have a party and cook the food for it! 

SK – 1       Messy Outdoor Water Activities with Ms. Maude in the SK  Playground

Playing with water, sponges, water tag, water balloon races and much more!

SK – 2       Bookmark & Colouring Club with Ms. Rachel in room C206

These are Secret Garden style bookmarks. You are free to color it into any style you like.

Please join in the secret colorful club!

G1 – 2       Corn Building Club with Ms. Arista in room C303

Do you want to use the colorful cylinder things which are made of corns to make flowers, lollipops, birds, buildings even a person! Come to join us!

SK – 2       Fun Soccer with Mr. Richard on the upper soccer pitch

Come and enjoy playing with your friends. Practice your skills and show off your moves with your friends and classmates.

G1 – 3        Chinese Song Singing with Ms. Li Qiao in room C305

Learn new songs, practice your singing all wall practicing Chinese. Come and sing and have fun with your friends.

G1 – 12      Chess Club with Mr. Ben in room D212

Come learn to play the game of kings and queens! For 100s of years, chess has been played by people all over the world. It’s a game of strategy unlike any other. Whether you are a complete beginner or would like to practice improving your chess skills, chess club is for you. CISA Chess is December 5, so if you are interested in participating this is a great chance to sharpen your chess skills!

G2 – 3         Fun Beads Club with Ms. Helen in room E203

Making your own key chains and necklaces by arranging some colorful plastic beads! You can form patterns on a plastic pegboard and then fused together with a clothes iron. Be creative and have fun!

G2 – 5          Reading Club with Ms. Ashley in the Library

Come to make more friends by reading and sharing your favorite books. It is a peaceful and solid time for you to read and discuss the books you enjoy.  

G2 – 12        *CISA Cross Country Team Training for boys & girls* with Mr. Johnny, Ms. Kirsty & Ms. Steph on the track

If you sign up for this Team you must:

  • Sign up for both Tuesday and Thursday and attend all practices,
  • be able to run in the CISA meet on 14 November!
  • Be serious about learning/ practicing Cross Country running,
  • You must not have turned 19 as of 1 Sept., 2017 and must at least be in grade 2.

( you may be asked to run in the ACAMIS meet in Suzhou on 10 12 November)

G3 – 5        Table Tennis Rocks with Mr. Felipe in the Table Tennis room

Table tennis is the most popular indoors sport in the world! Come and see why!

G3 – 5        Chinese Character Writing with Ms. Kara in room E203

Do you want to have beautiful Chinese handwriting?

Do you want to know the story of how Chinese create our characters?

Come to join Calligraphy club!

G3 – 5         Badminton Club with Ms. Melissa in the gym

Come and challenge yourself and your friends in a match of badminton. This club is for all skill levels.

G3 – 5          *U11 Soccer team training for boys & girls * with Ms. Jane, Mr. Ryan, Ms. Chloe and Ms. Cheryl on the upper Soccer pitch

If you sign up for this Team you must:

  • Sign up for both Tuesday and Thursday and attend all practices,
  • be able to play in the CISA tournament on 14 October!
  • Be serious about learning/ practicing soccer
  • You must not have turned 11 as of 1 Sept., 2017 and must at least be in grade 3

G3 – 6        Swim Fun Club with Ms. Simone in the pool

Come out and enjoy the pool. This is not lessons. This time is for students to become more comfortable in the water and enjoy games and activities with their friends.

If you join this club you must be able to swim!

G3 – 12       Hair Band, Hair Tie and Hair Clip club with Ms. Naomie in D211

Do you want to have your unique style of hair band, hair tie or hair clip? Or make some for your friends, sisters or teachers! Sign up this club and we will make some pretty hair stuff!

G3 – 12       Cool Knitting & Crochet with Mr. Stephen D in the Art room

Impress your friends and make cool things from wool! You will learn to knit or crochet to make hats, scarfs and cool stuff to wear or give away as gifts! Or we can make squares to make a rug to give to charity.

G4 – 6         Classical Singing Club with Ms. Cheena in room J206

Do you know the great sopranos like Anna Netrebko, Joan Sutherland, and Barbara Bonney? How about the exceptional tenors like Luciano Pavarotti, Jonas Kaufmann, and Plácido Domingo? Do you want to be like them? If yes, you are welcome to join “Classical Singing Club”. Here, you will learn to sing operatic pieces to develop your classical singing skills. So, if you want to be the next famous soprano or tenor, join now!

G4 – 7          Beach Volleyball with Ms. Victoria at the Beach court

Bump, Set, Spike, Volley… Come out and learn how to play or practice your skills in the sand!

G4 – 12       Gardening/ Ecology Club with JC in room E202

This year the gardening club will focus on the development of a box garden for each of the classes at the school.  David and I spent last Saturday putting together and new box and we are ordering more wood.  It has been a slow start, but it seems as that persistence is the victor.  There are ecological campaigns that we need to maintain throughout the school, and new ones to consider.  How can we make our school cleaner and greener?

G6 – 12       Who’s Club is it Anyway… Improv. with Ms. Anya in the MPR (main Building)

Fun interactive games on your feet just like TV's "Who's Line Is It Anyway".

G6 – 12       Yoga with Mr. William in the PMP room (ES 2nd floor)

Yoga is about developing awareness of your own body and mind. Breathing techniques will help you manage your stress levels. When you learn the poses, you will improve your ability to clear your mind, concentrate, and shut out distractions. If you stick with it, you will see yourself become a more reflective and healthy person. I will teach the basics, but I can differentiate for students who can do more difficult poses.

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