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Tuesday club options

SK – G1       Building Blocks for Fun with Ms. Maude in room C103

Lots of blocks of different shapes and sizes, building is fun!

SK – G2       Story Time & Drama with Ms. Jenny Chen in the SKA room

SK – G2       Disney Songs with Ms. Cheena in the Music lab

Do you want to sing like Ariel from The Little Mermaid? Or Aurora from The Sleeping Beauty? If you want come and join Disney Songs as we will learn to sing the songs from Disney movies.

SK – G2      The Makers Club with Ms. Allerie in room D110

Students will be given a challenge to collaborate, build, and create something from cool items from materials.

SK – G2       Paper airplane club with Ms. Lauren in room C105

Come make and test different paper planes from Rings, darts, helicopters and praying mantis! The final week we will have "The Ultimate Flight Competition"

SK – 2          Fun Soccer with Mr. Johnny Wilson on the upper soccer pitch               

The children will practice some basic skills of soccer such as; how to kick a ball properly, close control, using your weaker foot to pass and shoot, and basic rules. They will be split up into smaller groups for mini games to develop game awareness, spatial awareness and positioning.

G1 – G12      Chess Club with Mr. Felipe in room C106

Board games have been around for at least 4,000 years, and chess is one of the oldest.

G1 – G2        Winter Craft Club with Ms. Melissa Li in room D211

It is a club that you can draw a wonderful picture without pen, it is amazing!

G1 – G10      Hair Clip DIY club with Ms. Li Qiao in room C305

Let’s make beautiful and colourful hair clips together!

G2 – G4        Gymnastics with Ms. Kirsty in the PMP room

Learn/improve your gymnastics skills such as forward rolls, backward rolls, cartwheels, handstands and more.  This is a great fun physical activity that will build up physical strength and balance.

G3 – G5        Secret Style Bookmark Colouring with Ms. Rachel in room C206

This is a colourful world with creativity. You could colour out a completely different style with an exactly same picture. Come and try out it out with beautiful colours!

G3 – G5        Ultimate Frisbee with Ms. Melissa Miles on the upper pitch

Come out and learn some new skills, a great new sport and enjoy playing Frisbee with your friends!

G3 – G12      Cool Knitting & Crocheting with Mr. Stephen in the Art room

Impress your friends and make cool things from wool! You will learn to knit or crochet to make hats, scarfs and cool stuff to wear or give away as gifts! Or we can make squares to make a rug to give to charity.

G3 – G12         Hair Band, Hair Tie and Hair clip with Ms. Naomie in room D112

Christmas is coming to town, as well as New Year! Let’s make some Christmas hair ties in this coming season!!!

G4 – G5           Digital Printing with Ms. CiCi in room C203

We will use oil paints to colour the pictures according to numbers. You can take your pictures home at the end of this club season.

G4 – G7           Dancing club with Ms. Edwards in the Dance Studio

Come and join us for some dancing fun. We will learn a variety of line dances. It is simply learning steps and putting it to music. Anyone can do it! Hope to see you there!!

G4 – G12         Gardening club with JC in room E202

This year the gardening club will focus on the development of a box garden for each of the classes at the school.  David and I spent last Saturday putting together and new box and we are ordering more wood.  It has been a slow start, but it seems as that persistence is the victor.  There are ecological campaigns that we need to maintain throughout the school, and new ones to consider.  How can we make our school cleaner and greener?

G5 – G8            Table Tennis Championship with Mr. Richard W in the ping pong room

Players will adopt a country and represent that country for a tournament type competition.

G6 – G12          Film Appreciation with Mr. Powell in room F208

Like going to the movies?  Well in Film Appreciation we will be exploring some of the great movies of film history.  We will watch some of those great movies and we try and figure out what makes movies great and maybe even, if there is enough interest, make a movie of our own.

G6 – G12         Speech & Debate club with Mr. Paul in room D312

The pupils will be taught the procedures of debate competition and the skills of public speaking. They will learn how to craft an argument in debate and how to rebut an argument from the opposition.

G6 – G12         Cursive Club with Mr. Saulnier in room E204

Cursive writing is a style in which the letters of a word are attached (like the title and my signature). In some countries, like France, cursive writing is mandatory. When you go to Western museums, you will most likely find original documents written in cursive. Also, when you sign your name, the proper way is to write in cursive. You can practice by writing homework or by copying a quote, a text passage, a poem or a song you really like. It is not a requirement to write in cursive at LIS, but you should at least know how to read it, which you would after doing this club. Bring a fancy pen if you can!

G6 – G12         Tuesday Afternoon Live Improv in the MFR with Ms. Anya

Improv games, comedy sketches, anything fun and creative that floats your boat. Come join us!

G8 – G12         Book Club with Ms. Katie in room F212

Book club is an opportunity to read for pleasure! Bring your books, your kindles and enjoy the time reading and sharing with others.

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