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    We are new to Dubai but part of an established global network of international schools dedicated to helping every child thrive.

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    Your child will follow the English National Curriculum with a strong international emphasis and an unparalleled approach to languages.

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    At our school, your child will be offered language learning and support that is unparalleled by any other international school in Dubai.

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    We currently have no vacancies but do check back from time to time.

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    Our teachers are highly qualified, experienced practitioners, chosen through a rigorous selection process.

    primary teacher helping year 3 students in maths class

Quran Recitation Competition

  • Quran Recitation Competition

For Years 1 to 6.

Categories: participants are expected to memorise all suras in each year group.
Year 1:
Al-Fatiha, An-Nas, Al-Falaq, Al-Ikhlas
Year 2:
Al-Fatiha, An-Nas, Al-Falaq, Al-Ikhlas
Year 3:
Al-Fatiha, An-Nas, Al-Falaq, Al-Ikhlas
Al-Feel, Quraish
Year 4:
Year 5:
Year 6:
Award Ceremony with parents
Sunday 5th June at 1:30pm.
Judging takes place the week beginning Sunday 22nd May.

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