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Entrepreneurial Studies Overview

  • Overview of Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurial Studies 1: Open to All High School Grades - One Year Course


Application and Interview Process:

This course features a fast-paced curriculum where students are always "learning by doing" as they work in teams using constant collaboration. The class will demand students to learn through failure where failure is presented, not as a negative outcome, but rather as a positive movement toward real learning that advances a student’s skill in innovation and problem solving. The goal of the course is to move students away from the more traditional aspects of classroom learning, and into to the real world of experiential learning, so that students discover about themselves on a deeper level and begin to identify the traits they possess ultimately realizing the Entrepreneur within.

Course Focus:

  • Real World Learning:
    • “Learning by Doing.”
    • Real networking events, real Investor Presentations, “Out of the Building” approach to researching the minimal viable product students are creating.
    • Lean Launch Methodology as the principle of creating effective startups.
  • Understanding the Entrepreneurial Process:
    • Building needed Value Propositions is at the foundation of creating profitable startups.
    • Using the Business Model Canvas as the most effective tool to guide the process.
    • Case studies on how ideas are brought to market.
    • Learning the power of collaboration.
  • Learning the Power of Self:
    • Understanding why story matters.
    • Learning pitch technique.
    • Presenting with passion.
    • What do investors really look for?


Entrepreneurial Studies 2: Open to Graduates of Entrepreneurial Studies 1 Only

Students apply the skills and processes learned in Level 1 to real companies in the community. As young Entrepreneurs, they will be charged with assisting local CEO’s to solve real problems within their organizations. By doing so, students will get first-hand knowledge of what it means to own, operate and manage businesses while applying their entrepreneurial skills, to solving real business problems.

The course also acts as an incubator where students receive the opportunity to continue building out their own startup companies.

Students can continue to enroll in the course after completing year one, up until they graduate.

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