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Entrepreneurial Studies Overview

  • Overview of Entrepreneurship

“Entrepreneurship is not something we can teach the masses using innovative charts, models and fancy text books. We cannot just create scalable methods to teach entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is a mindset. Instead, we must facilitate opportunities that allow students access to entrepreneurship using learning by doing and looking to failure to force the use of creativity and autonomous action. By doing that we give students a chance to identify their potential to think different by transforming their mindsets as they evolve” - Gary Conroy, Director of Entrepreneurial Studies

"In our experience at Windermere Preparatory School, we have seen the growth and development of our students as entrepreneurs have an amazing positive impact on their ability to self regulate their learning, to identify what they need to learn next, and to interact with adult professionals with confidence in unfamiliar situations. In short, much of what we might call “future proofing,” the development of the essential soft skills that are essential for success in an uncertain future, are being developed in our program. The world is changing. The best thing we can do for our students is to develop them as independent thinkers who have the confidence and experience to chart their own course as they grow into adults. In our experience, a well developed Entrepreneurship program is proving to be an effective way to meet this challenge." - Dr. Steven Lyng, Assistant Headmaster


Open to Grades Nine though Twelve


This course features a fast-paced curriculum where students are always "learning by doing" as they work in teams using constant collaboration. The class will demand students to learn through failure where failure is presented, not as a negative outcome, but rather as a positive movement toward real learning that advances a student’s skill in innovation and problem solving. The goal of the course is to move students away from the more traditional aspects of classroom learning, and into to the real world of experiential learning, so that students discover about themselves on a deeper level and begin to identify the traits they possess ultimately realizing the entrepreneur within.

The Syllabus Includes:


Learning to Pitch - The power of self and self branding in sharing ideas.

Team - How to build effective teams and understanding the power of collaboration.

Value Proposition - Students learn the skills of identifying real problems worth solving and how to translate effective Value Propositions into sustainable companies.

How to Start - Looking at different methodology is creating Startups including Lean Launch, MIT Launch X, Business Model Generation and the Business Model Canvas to name a few.

Network Building - The importance of understand relationship as the nucleus of effective business creation.

The Effect of Entrepreneurship - Looking at industry and economic trends and learning the importance of independent economy creation.

Finance - Students learn to analyze financials and understand the importance of proper financial handling.

Business Plan Creation: Students build their very own in-depth business plan for their own startups. All business plan are reviewed and analyzed by Lending and VC experts.

“Out of the building” Practices and constant flip classroom environments all taught by real entrepreneurs.

Students will end their year pitching their companies to real investors. Our top five teams go to a Final Pitch Event hosted by Rollins Crummer School in their SunTrust building where they compete for best Startup in front of a real VC panel provided by one of our excellent partners SunTrust Bank as we execute our very own Shark Tank.


Open to all Graduates of ES1


Students apply the skills and processes learned in Level 1 to real companies in the community. As young entrepreneurs, the class will spend the entire school year charged with assisting multiple CEO’s and Business Owners to solve real problems within their organizations. By doing so, students will get first-hand knowledge of what it means to own, operate and manage businesses while applying their entrepreneurial skills, to solving real business problems.



This level is currently in development and will be launched prior to the 18/19 school year. as part of completing our vision of offering a full track of Entrepreneurial Studies to all our High School students.

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