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In grades 6, 7, and 8 of our private, international middle school in Central Florida that includes boarding from the 7th grade, our mission is to create well-rounded students. At Windermere Prep Middle School, our students are exposed to an engaging curriculum, one that features hands-on experiences and requires the ownership of learning. We concentrate on the “4 C’s” of communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking, woven throughout our campus, classrooms, events, and student body.

Introduction to the Windermere Prep Middle School Program

At Windermere Preparatory Middle School, our Program of Study focuses on building critical thinkers and problem solvers working at an advanced level, and we engage students in integrated studies that encourage independent thought and the application of their learning. We weave the “4 C’s” of communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking throughout our campus, classrooms, events, and student body. Our cross-curricular program prepares our middle school students for high school, college, and life beyond while helping them discover their full potential.

Our Middle School teachers work together to create cross-curricular learning experiences, bringing lessons to life in meaningful ways. Because each age group is unique, we have distinct goals for each grade level. Our program capitalizes on each grade’s special qualities, centered around a global theme that connects learning to essential truths: “Opening the Book” (6th grade), Writing My Story” (7th grade), and “Turning a Page” (8th grade). Learn more about the different elements of our middle school.

What Windermere Prep Middle School Students Study

Our Middle School curriculum exposes all students to core subjects, including math, language arts, science, social studies, a foreign language, and physical education; additionally, students choose an area for fine arts exploration. Class agendas are structured around focus questions, classwork, and homework.  

Please review our Program of Study within our Middle School Program Guide for detailed course descriptions and learn more about middle school student life at WPS. Read below to learn more information about each grade’s global theme, which make our curricula special in Florida.

Windermere Prep Middle School Global Themes

Windermere Prep Middle School Assessments

In addition to ongoing assessments in class via quizzes, tests, and daily assignments, we measure progress through:

Windermere Prep Middle School Activities

Students learn by organizing, planning, and hosting several events and festivals to showcase their learning. These applications provide excellent cross-curricular opportunities and create audiences for our students to share their knowledge with. Our annual festivals include:

Other exciting activities at Windermere Prep Middle School include:


We know every child is unique. Our teachers build up the individual strengths of your child, creating outstanding learning experiences that help them deepen their interests and achieve their goals, so they can discover their own pathway to the world's best colleges and universities.