TUITION FEES 2024–2025

If you’re looking for a private, international, or boarding school education around Orlando or Central Florida, you won’t find a school with a finer education at our competitive price. Below, you’ll find the tuition fees for every year of study — from Pre-K3 all the way through 12th grade — helping you plan for the long term. You’ll also find further details on what the payments cover and the different payment options available. It’s our mission to make enrolling at Windermere Prep as easy as possible. For further information, please contact our team.

At Windermere Prep, our tuition fees ensure your child will receive the best international, private education in a challenging and engaging learning environment. They won't just love coming to school — they'll be ready to take on the challenges ahead at college and beyond.

We have all the prices of enrolment from Pre-K3 to 12th grade. You’ll find one-time fees and information regarding the unique collaboration programs we have available, including with The Juilliard School and MIT. When it comes to school fees, we try to be flexible to help parents manage their finances. We accept single payments, two-payment plans, and payment over ten months. If there’s any help we can provide you when considering Windermere Prep, we’ll accommodate you where possible.


Day and Boarding Tuition Fees for Academic Calendar 2024-2025

Day Tuition Fees 2024-2025 Boarding Tuition Fees 2024-2025
Pre-K3 $19,775 Five-Day Domestic Student (Grades 7-12) $58,800
Pre-K4 $19,775 Seven-Day Domestic Student (Grades 7-12) $73,500
Kindergarten $21,280 Five-Day International Student (Grades 7-12) $63,920
Grades 1-5 $23,985 Seven-Day International Student (Grades 7-12) $79,900
Grades 6-8 $26,315
Grades 9-12 $28,610


Day Instructional Activity Fees and Boarding Student Fees for Academic Calendar 2024-2025

Day Instructional Activity Fees Boarding Student Fees
Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 $450 Five-Day Domestic Student (Grades 7-12) $3,500
Kindergarten $900 Seven-Day Domestic Student (Grades 7-12) $5,500
Grades 1-4 $1,000 Five-Day International Student (Grades 7-12) $3,500
Grade 5 $1,150 Seven-Day International Student (Grades 7-12) $5,500
Grades 6 and 7 $1,325
Grade 8 $1,425
Grades 9-11 $1,600
Grade 12 $1,800


The Instructional Activity Fee is an additional fee that covers educational materials used in class including textbooks and workbooks, Lower and Middle School day field trips, most High School day trips in the local area, labs, some technical assistance, guest speakers, presenters on campus, graduation, and our unique collaboration with the renowned educational institutions, The Juilliard School and MIT.

In addition, the fee includes the WPS Universal Wellness Program for Grades 7 through 12. This program covers mandatory drug and alcohol testing.

Student Fees Breakdown for Domestic Students

*For an additional fee, 5-Day boarders can join the Thanksgiving and Spring Break Trips as well as stay at the dorms for pre-approved weekend overnight stays.

Student Fees Breakdown for International Students

*For an additional fee, 5-Day boarders can join the Thanksgiving and Spring Break Trips as well as stay at the dorms for pre-approved weekend overnight stays.

One-time Fees for Day Students

New Student Fee
Sibling New Student Fee
International Student Fee (additional)
The International Student Fee is an additional fee charged to families whose children need an I-20 in order to obtain an F1 or J1 student visa. The Office of Admissions will oversee the maintenance of the student’s I-20 throughout their attendance and transfer to the college or university of choice upon graduation.
Additional fees include: uniforms, school-related pictures, yearbook, overnight field trips, extended day program, AP and IB exams, private lessons and other incidental charges that are not included in the tuition and new student fees. Also, students in Grades 3 through 12 will need to purchase an iPad (Grades 3–5) or laptop (Grades 6–12) that can be used on campus during each school day.


Day Tuition Payment Options

Option 1: Single payment plan due on June 1, 2024.

Option 2: Two-payment plan with the first payment due on June 1, 2024 and the second payment (including finance charges) due on November 1, 2024.

Option 3: Ten-month payment plan with the first payment on June 1, 2024 and nine payments thereafter due on the first of each month through March 1, 2025.

Families choosing Option 2 or Option 3 will be charged finance fees that are calculated at 12% Annual APR based on declining balance of tuition remaining.


Boarding Tuition Payment

Please note that boarding tuition is single payment only. There are no payment plan options.

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