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A Welcome From Our Head Girl and Boy

Learn what it's like to be part of the British International School of Houston from a student's perspective. Our Head Girl and Head Boy share why children love going to school here.

  • Head Girl
  • Head Boy

A Message From Our Head Girl


If you have found yourself reading this page, you may well be contemplating the British International School of Houston as a place to start, or to continue, your education. Relocating schools can be a daunting process with an abundance of information to consider. I hope to communicate the real essence of our school through the voice of a student.

My name is Claudia Burton. I am currently in Year 13, completing the International Baccalaureate, and being supported through the oh-so-nerve-wrecking university application process, but there is a little bit more to my story than this. I joined the school community at the beginning of Year 11, in the middle of the two-year GCSE program, something that my family and I originally thought would be an issue. We couldn’t have been more wrong.

From my first meeting at the school and during the forthcoming stages of my journey, I was given guidance on the best options for my education and social well-being. The teachers encouraged me to carry out my GCSE courses in one year. Due to the precise teaching style and the constant support, I was able to achieve all A-A* grades in my May examinations.

However, the academic side was just one aspect of my first year. Arguably, the most important part of starting a new school is the integration into your year group, joining the sports teams, and settling into extracurricular activities - all things that in my previous seven schools took a great deal of time.

The strange thing is, there was honestly something different about starting here; the diverse mixture of cultures and backgrounds meant that I was able to quickly “mix in” to the family, while still being part of a small enough group that enabled my identity to be retained, acknowledged, and accepted.

Our school is ever-expanding, which is nothing less than a credit to its developments and the education that it offers. Yes, we really do have the ‘best school teachers’! It is with nothing but honesty and enthusiasm that I encourage you to consider the British International School Houston. We may be just one chapter in your life of expatriate schooling, but to our school, it is the collaboration of each student that makes our story.

Best wishes to you in your school relocation - we cannot wait to welcome you into our community.

Yours Truly,

Claudia Burton, Head Girl

A Message From Our Head Boy


The British International School of Houston is a quickly growing school with new faces arriving every year. Thanks to our welcoming, tight-knit school community, you’ll feel like part of the family in no time at all.

I joined in September of 2012, at the beginning of Year 11. Peers in my year group were all so understanding. I was welcomed into the melting pot of many nationalities and cultures almost instantly.

I have no regrets in joining this school, as I’m constantly motivated by the brilliant school teachers to achieve my potential and to follow my dreams. The support that I have received from the teaching staff is incredible. They helped me transition into life here quickly and easily, while also encouraging me to push for the highest grades possible. It is for this reason that I can say that the British International School of Houston has some of the best school teachers and learning resources in education. The school also runs a wide selection of extra-curricular activities for everyone, allowing me to fill my time doing things that l love!


Connor McLean, Head Boy

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