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As an internationally leading, private middle school in Houston, Texas, the British International School of Houston recognises this exciting stage and timeframe when students make critical life choices about who they are, how they work, what they aspire to be, and how they intend to get there. BIS Houston’s curriculum guides them on their journey, ensuring they acquire the required level of knowledge and understanding for success in High School – as we build key skills in preparation for the IGCSE and International Baccalaureate (IB) exams they will take in High School.

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BIS Houston’s Teaching and Learning Approach in Middle School

The British International School of Houston believes that Middle School should be about inspiration, passion, curiosity, trial and error, personal discovery, and creating opportunities. Our learning programme has been designed to ensure our students feel supported, challenged, and inspired across ample opportunities to learn who they are and how they learn best. Students are exposed to a broad, balanced, and rigorous academic programme that provides many ways to prepare for their next stage of High School.

BIS Houston’s Key Goals in Middle School

The key goals for Middle School at the British International School of Houston encompass the following:

  1. All students will be inspired to take responsibility for the direction of their own learning.
  2.  All students will receive the appropriate support required to meet the developmental needs of a middle schooler.  
  3. All students will be exposed to a broad, balanced learning programme that provides authentic learning opportunities and real-world experiences, which prepare them for the next phase of school and beyond.
  4. All students will gain an understanding of how they learn best and what they can do to develop into effective, passionate, lifelong learners.  
  5. All students will learn to work collaboratively both with peers and faculty, as they co-construct their learning.  

BIS Houston’s Areas of Learning

To ensure BIS Houston’s Middle School students meet these goals, our curriculum has been organised into nine distinct areas:

Our Middle School Curriculum’s High Quality

BIS Houston’s Middle School curriculum is drawn from internationally recognised sources that ensure our students have the required level of knowledge and understanding they need to progress successfully to the next academic stage. BIS Houston’s curriculum also gives the opportunity to students to identify and develop their passions across the key disciplines.

We consistently review this curriculum to ensure that it remains vertically aligned to the demands of the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) from the UK as well as International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma and Career-related Programmes, and significantly, that it builds upon the skill sets developed from Primary School.


The British International School of Houston recognises every child’s interests, talents, and goals. Our highly experienced teachers build up the strengths of your child, creating projects that help them achieve globally recognised qualifications – so they’ll be ready to thrive at the world's leading colleges and universities.

BIS Houston middle school student