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Staff Profile: Francesca Skelt

Francesca Skelt

Year 1 Class Teacher

I knew I wanted to be a teacher from the age of 15, when I completed work experience in my local infant school. I aspire to be like my year three teacher; kind, caring and approachable. My aim is for the children in my class to feel safe, happy, confident and have a love of learning.

I graduated from the University of Winchester in 2011, with a degree in Primary Education specialising in Drama. Since then, I have worked in schools in Surrey and London, teaching year one up to year 6. Most recently I taught year one in a London infant school, leading Geography across KS1.

I visited Texas three years ago and fell in love with the state, so was determined to live and work here from that point. I feel very lucky to be working at the British International School of Houston and I am amazed at the variety of countries my class of five year olds have been to – I have some catching up to do! Houston already feels like home, but with much better weather!

I am fortunate to have such supportive friends and family – some have already booked flights to visit. In the UK I lived with my parents, my brother, my dog and my cat. I have lots of little cousins, including one Godson, who I miss terribly and cannot wait to see again My hobbies consist of reading, visiting the theatre, going to the beach, swimming, live music and travelling. I’m very excited about all the places I can visit from Houston and hope to go to every US state. I am looking forward to watching the variety of American sports on offer, particularly American football and basketball. My favourite colour is orange, I love pandas and my favourite foods are feta cheese, Italian or anything sweet.

What the students say about me

“You love chocolate and cakes and the letter F!”

“You’re the best teacher because you like teaching us things like phonics, cursive writing and you help us to read.”

“You’re a kind teacher – you’re happy when we go on the sunshine or the rainbow and you give us happy ticks.”

This school is different to all others I have worked at because…

The children have so much knowledge about the world because, between them, they have visited and lived to so many countries and are able to share those experiences. The school very much places the emphasis on the children, ensuring that everything we do is going to benefit the students. The communication between teachers and parents is the best I have known. 

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