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Staff Profile: Katie James

Katie James

Year 3 Class Teacher

I obtained my Bachelor of Education (honours) degree from the University of Plymouth in 2011. During my time at University I undertook a range of school placements, including a school in New York. This is when I realised that my ambition and future goal would be to move to the USA after gaining some teaching experience. This led me to seek opportunities in the USA and when I heard about British International School Houston I was very excited. I had no hesitation in making the move to Houston and begin my new stateside adventure.

My international career began when I moved from England to Doha, Qatar in 2012, where I taught Year One in a British International School for two years. I then moved to Seoul, South Korea to become a Grade One PYP teacher in an international school. Here I built on my British curriculum experience and used an inquiry based approach to teaching. I enjoy learning about the different cultures of the children in my class and always find it fascinating to bring these together in one room. I have a personalized approach to learning, ensuring every child achieves and pushes their own boundaries, in a positive environment.

Since beginning my international career I have developed a passion for travelling and experiencing new cultures, pushing myself to try new things and be a risk-taker. I am eager to continue exploring new places in and out of the USA. In my spare time I enjoy reading, baking, playing piano, cycling and running, occasionally participating in 5k races and mud runs.

What the students say about me

“Ms James makes learning fun and makes our brains bigger.” 

“Ms James is kind and caring.” 

“I feel sad when I wake up and it’s the weekend. I want to go to school every 

day to see Ms James and do fun things.”

This school is different to all others I've worked at because...

It offers a sense of a close family community between learners, educators and parents. Through a personalised learning approach, paired with state of the art facilities, children can thrive and exceed their own expectations.

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