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Staff Profile: Lauren Price

Lauren Price

Year 3 Class Teacher

I qualified to become a teacher in 2009 completing my degree (BA professional studies in Professional studies in Education with English Language and QTS) and spent my first six years as teacher working in a small single form entry school in my home town of Bolton, England.

I have worked in a variety of classrooms, including three years in the Early Years and Two years in year two. I really enjoyed being part of the Early Years team and in my third year I became Early Years lead. I then decided to further my professional development and moved to Year two and became Key stage one lead, lead professional in behaviour, IPC lead professional and part of the safeguarding team. I worked as part of the Senior Leadership team to ensure my different areas of responsibilities were helping the children and keeping them safe within school. I especially enjoyed my behaviour role, working with a range of different children, and outside agencies to make their learning experience more accessible and enjoyable.  I was very happy at my old school and thoroughly enjoyed my job, however, after six years I decided I needed a new challenge.

I found out the different Nord Anglia schools during an IPC conference in London. I have always loved America and after much deliberation I applied for the position in Houston and was lucky enough to be offered the job, so I decided to leave my little school in Bolton and begin my adventure in America.

I really enjoy travelling, having already visited different parts of America, and I hope to visit many more exciting places. I have many hobbies which include, going to see live music and stage shows, eating delicious food at nice restaurants, shopping and playing rounders. My family is very important to me and I spend as much time with my partner Stuart, my mum, dad, brother Nick and the rest of my large, fantastic family. I am very passionate about teaching and I endeavour to ensure the children reach their full potential and have an unforgettable learning experience.

What the students say about me...

“I like that Miss Price helps us to learn”

“I like Miss Price because she is always there for me when I need her”

“Miss Price is a great teacher. I like doing maths because Miss Price always makes it fun.


This school is different to all others I have worked at because…

The school is very different to my previous one, firstly the number of children on the campus is much larger than my previous small single entry primary school! All the staff are very passionate about their teaching and work hard to achieve the best from the children. I am very lucky to have joined a fantastic year three team, in which we can all bring our strengths in order to create fantastic, exciting learning opportunities. It is very clear that all the children in this school are extremely happy to be here and are keen to be the best they can be. I look forward to seeing what this year brings and I hope I can make a significant difference in the children’s learning.

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