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Student Enrichment Programme CCA's at the British International School of Houston

The British International School of Houston offers a wide range of  Student Enrichment Programmes with opportunities for student participation from Foundation Stage through to IB. The development of young people is not just about what happens in the classroom and a rich selection of co-curricular activities is available to extend your child's learning experience each term. 

  • Rugby

Please click here to select your CCA's for Block 2.


Block 2 sign up opens Friday 13th October, 4pm and closes on Wednesday 25th October, 9am.

After the 25th October all CCAs will be allocated and clubs will be unavailable for sign up.

Please visit the Boma on Tuesday 24th October from 8am-9am to meet the CCA team and ask any questions.

CCA Block Dates - 2017/18
Block 1
Sept 11 - Oct 27
Block 2
Oct 30 - Dec 8
Block 3
Jan 8 - Feb 9
Block 4
Feb 19 - Mar 29
Block 5
Apr 9 - May 18
Block 6
May 21 - Jun 21

Clubs continued from Block 1. 

If you have signed up to the following clubs in Block 1, CHQ will automatically allocate your child to them in Block 2. These CCAs will show in your CHQ homepage. These CCAs continue over two blocks to enable students to develop the skills to finish the CCA programme or competition. They may involve challenges, competitions, performances, tests or a final production.

  • Advanced Theatre Design
  • Brookwood
  • Crest Award
  • Dance Fun! - Leaping and Learning
  • Guitar Ensemble
  • Half Notes Choir
  • HS Swim Team
  • International Award Bronze
  • International Award Gold
  • International Award Silver
  • Jass Scheme Bronze
  • MS Swim Team
  • Primary Swim Team
  • Scottish Dancing
  • Soccer Shots
  • Soccer Shots
  • Tempos Choir
  • Accents Choir


Clubs that require a two day sign up commitment:

These clubs require more time to achieve the targets. They may involve competitions, Performances, tests or a final production.

  • Mother Tongue Language Programme
  • Competitive Sports Teams
  • Shrek Cast
  • Yearbook
  • Culinary Club -  CTK competition
  • Tae Kwon Do 


What is a CCA?

We have developed an elective Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) programme Monday – Friday.

Why do we have CCA's?

At the British International School Houston (BISH) we believe that a school’s role is to nurture confident, knowledgeable, independent young people who understand that their actions can make a difference to their school, as well as the local and global communities.  In addition to outstanding academic outcomes based on our gold standard curricula, we provide opportunities for all our students to enrich their lives and the lives of others.

What times do CCA's run?

Monday – Friday starting at 3.30pm. 

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the enrichment programme begins at 2.35pm, for all students. The earliest an activity will finish is 3:30pm, however, there is a variety of others that will end later. 

Monday - Friday 3:35 - 4:30 (optional for all students)

Tuesday and Thursday 2:35 - 3:30 (compulsory for all students)

What activities can you sign up to?

CCA's include - Athletics, World Languages, Performing Arts, STEAM and Service Learning. The school also hosts a wide slection of external providers including Basketball, Computer Programming, Lego, Languages,  Tennis, Yoga and Dance.  For more information please read the Enrichment Booklet and see the full list of CCAs for block 2 below, these are attached below.

What is the Mother Tongue Programme?

At the British International School of Houston (BISH), we are committed to offering the Mother Tongue Programme (MTP), which looks to develop native language and cultural awareness. We believe that the development of the mother tongue language is crucial for both cognitive development and maintaining cultural identity. BISH is able to support native speakers to develop their mother tongue language whilst at the school. If you sign up to this programme you sign up to both the Tuesday and Thursday sessions. This is a total of 4 hrs. Please see the booklet attached below.

What Languages are included in the Mother Tongue Programme?

Dutch: programme inspected by the Dutch Inspection of the Ministry of Education and monitored and assisted by the Stichting NOB

French:  CNED, programme endorsed by the Department of Education

German: Ils GmbH Fernlehrwerk, programme endorsed by the Department of Education

Spanish:  Yabisi course 

How do I log onto CHQ? 

Please click here to log onto CHQ. Your username is your email address. You Password was emailed to you from CHQ.

How are the CCA's allocated?

CHQ is an automated system. Sign up is not first come first served. After the sign up period has closed the system automatically allocates students to their chosen CCA. If a CCA is full, you will be allocated your second choice etc. Those students that were previously waitlisted and did not enroll in their number one choice in Block 1 are given preference in Block 2.

Why is there a deadline?

When we close the sign up CHQ allocates students to their chosen clubs. After this deadline clubs will become full and further choices and changes are limited. To enroll after the cutoff date, choices are added on a manual basis and not by CHQ. Please allow your child time to adjust to their new schedule and remember their choices before the new block starts. 

When do I know which CCA my child is approved for?

These approvals will show in your CHQ homepage after the cutoff date.

Can I make changes to my chosen CCAs?

You can change your CCA choices prior to the cut off date only. It is not advisable to change a CCA mid-block. This causes the student's, teacher's and provider's schedules to change. Transport must also be changed if using the bus. It is recommended that a student becomes accustomed to a routine and develops their skills within each CCA.

How does my child know which CCAs they are attending?

On you CHQ homepage is an option called calendar. This displays month by month the CCAs your child has been approved for and the room locations. It is advisable to print this and give to your child to keep as a reference or display in your home. Your child's class teacher will also have their CCA schedule.

Student Enrichment Programme CCA's - Further Reading, Schedules and Contacts.

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