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Another Great Year - IB Diploma Results 2016

An outstanding 98% pass rate in the IB Diploma at ICS. In offering our congratulations it is important to note that International College Spain (ICS) is an open entry school where the IB Diploma is the only programme offered in Grades 11 and 12. Some of our students take this very demanding IB programme where it is only offered as an option in other schools.

  • Congratulations to the ICS IB Diploma students of 2016 for a pass rate of 98%

It is also worth remembering that global patterns of results vary from year to year with trends both upwards and downwards reflecting the varying average levels of ability within each year group. With this in mind, this cohort achieved a 98% Pass Rate from the 60 candidates entered for the full Diploma and with an Average Diploma Score of 35 out of 45 points. This compares very favourably with the global average of all IB schools of 30 points. 15% of these passing Diplomas were on or above the 40 point mark. This too is well above world averages.

In general the performance of our students was very pleasing with many remarkable individual performances at all levels of the Diploma Score spectrum including one amazing maximum Diploma Score of 45 points. This represents 1% of all Diploma Programme scores globally. These results are a testament to the hard work of both teachers and students as well as the strength of the IB Diploma programme at ICS.

The analysis of results has begun and will continue into the new academic year with the faculty reviewing their plans of work and assessment practices. Adjustments and improvements within the school programme will be made for the benefit of future generations of students. The process of enquiries upon results from the IBO has also begun and will continue until mid-September which may result in some improvements to individual grades and the school’s global statistics. These will be published at a later date via the school website. University guidance and counselling for students is now in full swing. At the time of writing many students will have already been successfully placed in their courses and universities of choice and our university guidance team are working hard to enable all students to move directly to further study or plan for this to occur in the future. We will be providing a further update later in the year once final destinations have emerged and the data is complete.

Once again, congratulations to all our Grade 12 Students and Teachers!

Jeremy Singer


International College Spain

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