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Other Flexible Boarding Options

Take a moment to look at how our boarding offers could help your child to become more independent.

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We will be providing your child with an exciting time where you can be certain they will be cared for well when you have other commitments.

We have a number of very flexible options for you to consider:

Activities Club

Your child joins us from the end of school until 7.30pm for a regular evening(s) between Monday and Thursday, participating in our homework and activities in an EAL environment. We’ll also provide them with a delicious dinner.

Occasional Boarding
Your child takes advantage of our boarding provision staying at school for occasional nights (Monday to Thursday with prior arrangement). It may be to help you when you have a business appointment or an important social event, or it may be that your child wants to spend some social time with their friends.

Sleepover Club 
Your child takes the chance to experience a real taste of boarding life joining us on Friday after school and staying with us until early Saturday evening giving you the flexibility to make plans around other commitments. Fun activities surround a delicious dinner, followed by a good night’s sleep in our boarding house. After breakfast on Saturday there will be a fun activity, usually off campus and including lunch. Before you collect your child at 6pm we will make sure that they have been fed for the evening too.

For additional fees – your child stays with us on Saturday night and joins our on campus activities on Sunday. All meals are provided. This option ends at 6pm on Sunday evening.

If your child then stays with us for Sunday night we will get them safely to school ready for classes on Monday morning after a tasty breakfast.

Part Time Boarding
This option offers you a balance between the demands of work and home life. It introduces independence and provides your child with a range of opportunity and experience. They can board for the regular nights that you choose between Monday and Thursday and you can be sure that we’ll take great care of them, making sure that they complete their homework as well as having a fun time. This taster of boarding is much more exciting for children than a babysitter and can give you a welcome break for a guilt free lie-in without the school run. Don’t be surprised if your child asks to join us full time!

Full Boarding
Our full boarding offers broad opportunities, confidence building activities, chances to develop leadership, a sense of community, cultural understanding and a real partnership between our School and you. Boarders live in our specialised Primary boarding house and experience a ‘home from home’ feel with their second set of parents. Our boarding team of house parents, academic support staff, housekeeping staff and nurses work together to ensure a warm, caring family atmosphere that is firmly embedded in our Primary boarding house.

Flexible Options
If what we’ve described doesn’t meet your needs, talk with us and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. Contact our Head of Boarding Mr Steven Rand.

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