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At Regents, our parents, teachers, and pastoral team come together to create a stimulating, supportive, and vibrant community for our students. On this page, you’ll find important information – from lunch and transport to key dates for your diary – to ensure your child thrives here.
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IMPORTANT DATES: 2022-23 AND 2023-24

Keep track of key dates at Regents with our 2022-23 and 2023-24 school calendar.


Before, during, and after school, more than 200 co-curricular activities nurture our students’ undiscovered and emerging talents. Here, your child will choose their own adventure, doing what they love, making thrilling new discoveries, and learning about themselves and others.
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Whether it’s slam-dunking on our courts, achieving a personal best on the track, making a splash in our pools, or even learning to freedive, your child will have every opportunity to get active, finesse their skills, and have fun. At secondary, your child can aim high as part of our Lions squads, too, representing Regents with pride both locally and overseas.
Trips and expeditions
Your child will develop a lifelong love of exploration, discovery, and adventure at Regents, as they embark on life-changing cultural, sporting, and service trips here and overseas. Nord Anglia expeditions to Tanzania, Switzerland, and New York create extraordinary memories, while our membership of Round Square provides unique opportunities to make a difference, develop a global perspective, and take on a challenge.
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Creative and STEAM
Creativity flourishes at co-curricular clubs that span the arts, crafts, STEAM, and more. Each activity provides a unique opportunity for our students to showcase their skills, whether that’s sculpting 3D clay models, technical drawing, or experimenting with different artistic techniques. Our students invent the future in our STEAM space and science labs, too, as they build robots, learn to code, and discover aerospace engineering.
Your child’s star will shine brightly at Regents, as they express their dramatic skills through our exclusive collaboration with The Juilliard School. Aspiring actors learn from specialist instructors and artists in creative spaces, before stepping into The Globe theatre to showcase their talents. Our studio-to-stage group embraces everything theatrical, while our Glee club brings performers together to put on spectacular shows.
Enriched by our collaboration with Juilliard, our thriving music programme nurtures existing passions and inspires new interests. Talented instrumentalists practice, perform, and refine their skills at our primary and secondary orchestras, while vocalists of all abilities can sing loud, sing proud, and feel great at our karaoke club or as part of a vocal group such as the Regentlemen, our Secondary boys choir.
From an early age, we encourage a love of movement and music through our collaboration with Juilliard. Our Dance Squad develops our students' coordination, balance, and flexibility with some cool moves, while our fun-packed Zumba classes are full of noise and laughter. We also introduce our students to jazz, modern and contemporary dance, as well as traditional Thai styles. 
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Activities for boarders
Boarding at Regents offers an even greater array of opportunities. From go-karting and kayaking to weekend activity and cultural trips, our boarders experience more adventure, form deeper friendships, and discover even more about themselves and others.


Our families play a vital role in school life – and there are lots of ways you can get involved. Our Parent Supporters Group lives and breathes our community spirit, welcoming new families and helping them settle into the region. We also run a series of workshops – which cover topics like student mental health – as well as cookery classes and English lessons.
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Everything you need to know about day-to-day life at Regents, in one place.
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Health and wellbeing
We weave wellbeing into everything we do, ensuring your child is safe, supported, and happy.
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Bus service
We offer a safe, reliable, and efficient door-to-door bus service to locations in and around Pattaya.
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School uniform
Our students look fantastic in our smart uniform, which creates a strong sense of identity and pride.
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School meals
Freshly prepared on site, our healthy, nutritious meals provide the energy our students need to learn.
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You can find our latest policy documents here, which cover everything from admissions to safeguarding.
Buddy system
Your child will quickly settle into our welcoming community, supported by a friendly buddy who will show them the ropes.


  • Do you offer boarding? 

    Yes, we offer boarding for 8 to 18-year-olds (Years 3-13). This includes occasional, part- and full-time options. We also offer taster sessions.

    Our safe, secure, and happy boarding environment is a place where each child gets the care, support, and attention they need to thrive. It’s also a place where friendships, academic support, and exciting learning experiences are available every day.

  • Where is the school located?
    Regents is located 10km outside of Pattaya – and only an hour and a half from Bangkok.
  • What nationalities are represented at Regents?
    Everyone is welcome at our school. We’re proud of our diverse community, which is currently home to students, parents, and teachers from more than 50 countries.
  • What languages do you teach in?
    The majority of our lessons are taught in English. The only exceptions are our modern foreign language classes, which include Thai, Spanish, Korean, Mandarin, Russian, and French.
  • Do you operate a bus service?
    Our buses provide a safe, reliable pick-up and drop-off service covering six zones around Pattaya. We’ll confirm zones and pricing once we have your address. All our buses are fitted with car seats and seat belts, and our students are accompanied by a bus monitor.
  • Do your students wear a uniform?
    Yes, our primary and secondary students wear a practical, comfortable uniform, which can be purchased from school. Our early years children wear their PE kit because they’re so active!
  • Do you provide lunch?
    Yes! Our in-house caterers prepare healthy lunches every day for all year groups. Lunch menus change regularly, but always include a range of Thai and Western options. We also have tuck and coffee shops where secondary students can buy sandwiches, fruit, and drinks. We’re a nut free school.
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Our talented teachers tailor learning to each child’s needs, strengths, and interests, ensuring they love coming into school every day – and achieve academic success.

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