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Sixty Seconds with... Gregoire (Year 13)

Hi Gregoire, where are you from?

I’m from Pattaya, although I was originally born in Belgium. I joined Regents in 2000, when I was 4 years old. I am now in Year 13, and studying for my IB.

So you’re currently a boarder?

Yes, I was a boarder two years ago leading up to my IGCSEs, and I have chosen to return to the Boarding House again for the second year of my IB. Boarding gives me lots more sporting opportunities during evening activities, and has also provided ways to improve my academic skills, with quiet prep time, and teachers available to help prepare me for my finals.

I gather that there have been some big changes to the Boarding House since you were last here?

Breakfast and Dinner here have improved marvelously compared to when I was a boarder two years ago. The boarding facilities are amazing now- the new rooms look sweet tight with an awesomely designed common room, kitchen, table tennis tables, pool table and a flat screen TV connected to Xbox (but only available after prep time!).

What five words would you use to describe boarding life now?

“Awesome”, “Fun”, “Family”, “Caring”, “Good Food”

What are you enjoying at school right now?

I am really enjoying my new basketball team, and I can’t wait to win medals at The Senior Games.

What is the most memorable thing that has happened to you at the school?

I was selected by Mr Lewis in the cast and given the role of Anthony Hope in the school production of Sweeney Todd last year.

Was it a big challenge getting up on stage to play such a big role in Sweeney Todd?

At first I felt like it was impossible to learn this many lines and to perform in front of hundreds of people as it was my first production ever. Surprisingly I got the role of Anthony Hope, but with a lot of help from Mr Lewis, Mr Thomas and the rest of the cast everything came out smoothly, and it became a very memorable production for me.

Can you run through your typical day at Regents?

I wake up at about 6.45 a.m, go down and have some breakfast and explore the unbelievable learning opportunities in the best school in the world. Lunch is really nice now. Then I learn some more interesting things in class. After school, I play sports, basketball and football, and try to improve myself. Then it’s back to the Boarding House, finish all my work supported by great boarding staff and then chill out with the best mates in the world.

What does the future hold for you, Gregoire?

I have ambitions to study marketing at UBC in Vancouver, or possibly in the UK.

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