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Academic Results

As a non-selective, fully inclusive school, here at Regents we continue to be incredibly impressed and proud of the academic achievements of our students. 

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Many of our students join us with English as a second language, at varying levels of proficiency, and the progress that these students make during the time that they are with us is a testament to not only their hard work, but the hard work of the staff who support them academically and pastorally.

At IB, our results are consistently above the Global Average Point Score: 2016 was no exception to this with our Average Point Score being 33 and the Global Average being 30.07.  In addition to this impressive overall performance, many of our students had notable personal successes which reflected their determination and capabilities as learners – one student scored 43 out of a possible 45; in 2015, our highest attaining student scored 44.  To contextualize this, almost 150,000 students sat the IB Diploma in 2016: only 146 scored the maximum 45 points.  43 and 44 points are no mean feat!  Our students rise to the demands of this challenging qualification and make significant progress, both academically and personally, and are fully prepared for the next stage in their education.  Their academic successes have resulted in places in top universities around the world, including University College London, the University of Edinburgh, The University of Hong Kong, UCLA, and Warwick University to name a few.

Academic triumphs are also evident at IGCSE, with our students almost doubling the achievements of their UK counterparts.  In 2016, our students’ pass rate at A* and A grade was 32%; in the UK, this was 17.7%.  90% of our students’ passes were at grades A* to C; in the UK, this was 71.3%.  In Mathematics, the pass rate (C grade and above) was 96%; in English, it was 86% for English Language and 93% for English Literature: again, these figures are significantly higher than the UK.  As with IB, there were – and are – many notable individual successes: students achieving A and A* grades in all subjects and, equally as significant, students who achieve pass grades through determination, grit and resilience.   

Many of our students join us at the start of Year 10 as the IGCSE courses begin, and our staff support each and every learner to achieve the best that they can.  We set challenging targets, have high expectations of all, and encourage our students to be ambitious in every respect. 

With opportunity, motivation, support and time comes success: this is the Regents’ model for success and it is one which ensures our students realise their academic potential year in, year out.

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